Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice: Is Addiction to Video Games a Defense to Murder?

Teenagers are very technology-oriented nowadays. Their daily routine includes going online through their computers, using their mobile phones, and listening to their portable music players. Another technological device that is popular to these young people is video games. They spend a significant amount of time playing in front of game consoles or on the computers because they get so hooked in these games. However, there is an increase in concern in the effects of these video games to teenagers, especially violent games. The games that are of concern include violent crimes like murder, drug trafficking, and robbery.

There are numerous video games available in the market that contain these type of violent crimes including the Grand Theft Auto series, Crime Life, and True Crimes. These involve car stealing, fights with gang members and police officers, different weapons. The video games are equipped with state-of-the-art graphics and sounds that enhance the players’ experience. These also have story lines so that the players will have something to follow and will give them the urge to finish the game.

Although developers and manufacturers are not to be blamed here, there is pressure on them and other adults as to the regulation of these types of video games. Companies should make an effort to assign an age limit to people who can have access to such violent games. Sellers should also make sure to follow this policy when trying to sell video games. If this is not possible because teenagers will most likely get their hands on the games one way or the other, parental consent should be given when trying to buy such games so that parents are aware of what their children are engaging themselves into.

Parental involvement is probably the best solution in this problem because they can prevent their children from buying violent games. They should also monitor their children’s activities, especially when they are playing their video games.