Justices Is Act of Giving

In my opinion justices is act of giving freedom to an individual through the means of proper rules and regulation and promoting equality. It aims to provide equal rights, opportunities and facilities to an individual and society in a fair way. However, according to Merriam 2018, “justice means securing and protecting of rights of all in a fair way. It stands for harmony among all the people, orderly living and securing of rights of all in a just and fair way. Justice is giving what everyone deserves but I think it is unfair at some of the work place. For example, during a job interview some of the interviewer does injustices by looking at the background and relationships for the job on the other hand poor people are left without job. In order to stop such cruel things there should be justice among the individual to protect the rights of the individual and to provide equal opportunities and facilities in a fair way. Therefore, this paper emphasis on my opinion on justices and how justices can give freedom to an individual.

In my life whatever I do I will follow the concept of justice that is on the ethics and law where people can behave in a way that is fair, equal and balanced for every individuals to stand out their own and give freedom. However in a work of political philosopher that is John Rawls, in his book “A Theory of Justice”, the author addresses the problem of distributive justice which concerns the socially just allocation of goods and in social psychology, it is defined as perceived fairness of how reward and cost are shared by group members (Rawls, 2005).

Similarly to that in my school days we use to have group works where we need to work our self as an individual to fetch good marks, so for that I use to work harder as compared to my group members and I use to work more hours but receive the same marks in group so I feel that distributive justice has not occurred. In the theory of justice there are two principles of justice that is in the first principle: each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive total system of equal basic liberties compatible with a similar system of liberty for all. And the second principle: social and economic inequalities are to be arranged so that they are both to the greatest benefit of the least advantaged, consistent with the just savings principle and attached to offices and positions open to all under conditions of fair equality of opportunity. As my main idea on justice is concerned with giving an individual’s their own freedom and give them an opportunity to stand on their own feet so the first principle also aims at distribution of rights and liberties to vote and run their offices, freedom to speech and assembly, freedom of personal property and freedom from arbitrary arrest (Maiese, 2016).

In my life I always wanted to be someone who wants to give justice not always in a big way but even if in a small ways where people will get their own freedom. Gautama Buddha has stated that justice with good law will lead to peace and order but if the laws are evil then it can lead to revolution and disobedience in the state (Bhandari, n.d.). Without justice society will find itself very hard to survive so it is very important to learn about the injustice practice around us that can be in class or outside class too. In our country many criminals and poor people fall under rich people where there comes a situation where they could not stand for their own right which leads to corruptions.

Moreover, Bhutan is ranked 29th in the corrupted country out of 109 countries which it shows there is less justice in our country. Looking at this present scenario I always try to understand more and think of how can I overcome those rising issues and how can I curve down corruptions. So, in future, wherever I work I will always think of working without corrupted mind and I won’t let other people to do corruption too. Though, it will be not easy for many people to understand justice and corruption but I will always try my best to have justice not only in my life but also in others life. It is because it will have great impact in everyone’s life.

Corruption should be banned permanently from our country because corruption have many negative impacts which can even result in fall of nation. Thus, to prevent such fall many different agencies are established to stop corruption and to give justice to the corrupted officials in the country and world. Every individuals deserve justice, so to give justice to the people many agencies were established such as in Bhutan civil servents are selected through RCSE merit based system.

By increasing salary and pays, it reduces the rate of corruption since high pay and wages can meet the needs and wants of the people and people will not have any intentions to do corrupt activities. Singapore has successfully been able to reduce its corrupted rate by increasing salaries and Singapore is the only Asian country that is in the ‘top ten’ least corrupt countries according to Transparency international’s index (voskanyan and Armenia, 2000). Rules and regulations should not be lenient but firm and decisive so that people would be discouraged to commit corruption. ACC (Anti-Corruption commission) has been established to reduce corruption rate and to look after the balance in the country. RAA (Royal Audit Authority) have also been established to look after country’s audit and budget allocations and Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and anti-corruption is established for international level and is located in every country.

In conclusion, justice is not always about solving the problems between two or more parties but justice is defined as reordering of social life in such a way that material and moral benefit of the people are not cornered by the tiny privileged class, but accrue to the masses to ensures the uplift of lower weak and underprivileged sections (Gauba, 2017). I think, if there is no strong justice enforcer in society, there will be lots of problems. Moreover, after studying about justice I got to know that distributive justice is important to an individual to get their freedom because it determines the level of hard work with the level of payment. So, I will always follow the principles of justice in order to give other people to stand on their own feet and freedom by limiting the causes for corruption.


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