Justice in the court

In The Crucible justice is distorted by people's personalities. Thomas Putnam is very greedy and he wants to own more land and earn more money even though he is the wealthiest man in Salem. Putnam realizes that he can buy more land by accusing his friends of witchcraft; a person found guilty must forsake his/her land to the church. Putnam is the only man that can afford to buy their land. "This man is killing his neighbours for land" Giles said to Judge Danforth about Thomas Putnam. The injustice here is immense.

To be able to convict people, your friends, for your own greedy needs is very unfair and it shows the lack of justice in the court. Goody Putnam, Thomas' wife, had given birth to six babies, who had died in infancy. Her bitterness and unhappiness over the death of her babies left her twisted. She accused Rebecca Nurse and the other midwifes of witchcraft and killing her babies. "I knew it! Goody Osburn was midwife to me three times! " Abigail was romantically attracted to John Proctor who was married to Goody Proctor. Abigail sought vengeance on Goody Proctor and accused her of witchcraft.

Even Elizabeth could tell that the witch hunts had all started because of Abigail's lust towards John, "She wants me dead… she thinks to take my place". There is a lot of unfairness from court as its laws are very strict. As well as that, the Judges do not listen and when they do, they accuse anyone who disagrees with court. An example of this is when Giles confronts Judge Danforth with a list of names of people in the village who thought the witch trials were based on lies. Danforth took the list and questioned all the people who had signed it.

John Proctor is sometimes described as a Tragic Hero; a character who has a personality trait that is flawed. An example of a Tragic Hero is King Lear, who is the main character in the Shakespeare Play King Lear; his flawed personality trait is to be proud. As our tragic hero, John Proctor has very strong and respected personality traits. He is a decent man who is forthright and courageous; all traits that would be admired. However, in his affair with Abigail Williams, Proctor shows a weakness in character and allows his feelings of lust to override his otherwise honourable personality; this is an example of his flawed personality.

When Elizabeth discovers the affair, John is forced to confront the error of his ways and attempts to amend this flaw of character. The situation remains tragic because his dear wife Elizabeth has been devastated and hurt by his actions and John Proctor is no longer trusted. John was the character who learnt the most about himself in the play. In closing act, he was the character that could recognize all the lies and injustice throughout the play. Miller uses the omniscient narrator to introduce each main character by giving a brief history of their life, "Proctor was a farmer" and "Mr Hale is nearing forty".

He also uses it to describe the scenery and stage settings. This doesn't make a big impact on the reader as it isn't essential and it is not used in the play as it would lose the dynamics of the drama each time it is read. In many of the productions of The Crucible it is forgotten and not even put in the program. However it is useful in the book for serious readers because it portrays a greater vision of the setting. In conclusion, I believe that The Crucible is a play that shows injustice and unfairness clearly from which everyone can see and learn.

Even if you don't know anything about McCarthyism you can still watch the play or read it and get something out of it, as you can learn how people act in different circumstances. You could possibly relate it to the events taking place in the United Kingdom in the late 20th Century and early 21st Century with the Muslims. Many Christians are afraid of Muslims because of the suicide bombers, and the mindset and belief of the suicide bombers are unknown to us, like witchcraft was unknown to the people of Salem.