Justice Department Tracy Schmaler

The spokeswoman of the Justice Department Tracy Schmaler is quoted by Rowley (4) as having said that “As we made clear in court filings, the department identified constitutional defects in the Arizona law, primarily that key provisions were preempted because they conflicted with the federal government’s authority to set and enforce immigration policy, and a federal judge agreed with that argument”.

Having seen the above points raised by lawmakers and experts alike, it is justified to say that the Arizona Immigration Law has gone a step too far and it is time a review was done to make it possible for immigrants to live and work in the State without harassment by the police or other concerned State agents. It should be considered that the same immigrants contribute significantly to Government service for example in the US military. I do not seek to exaggerate their importance to the country but we must appreciate the good work these men ad women have done for our country.

The service of the immigrants to the U. S. military is a positive contribution that can not be wished away just because they are non-citizens (Immigrants in the Military 5-8). Contrary to popular opinion, immigrants do not contribute to the poor state of the U. S. economy but rather provide cheaper labor which is a great boost to the overall economy. The U. S. would for a fact not have enough workers for the manufacturing and hospitality industries without these immigrants whose contribution is significant as they provide low skilled labor for low wages and this contributes to the economy in a positive way.

Without the immigrants the alternative would be to import legal workforce whose salaries would be too high (Davidson 6). Immigrants have benefited the military greatly. Recruits to the military who are non-citizens have over the years offered greater linguistic, racial, cultural and ethnic diversity than Native American recruits. The diversity they bring is very valuable in view of the global agenda of the military. Non-citizens have been found to do superbly well when it comes to service in the military. Their importance in the military is very big as soldiers as well as marines who are immigrants are very dependable and reliable.

They register lower percentages of dropouts from training camps compared to Native American recruits. The number of immigrant recruits who successfully complete training is higher than that of current citizens by over ten percent.

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