Just Us Competitor Analysis

Just as stated its business in 1995. It is considered to be the pioneer in the Fair Trade coffee roaster. The main focus was to place the people of the planet before profit. It was a new dimension to the business world with a message that the business could be done in a different way. They wanted to form a connection between the small scale organic coffee farmers and the consumers. Later they want to expand their business to tea, chocolate and sugar etc. Company analysis

To analyze Just us, the external and internal environment needs to analyze. For the same the following analysis tools are used : Competitor analysisPEST analysisPorter’s five forces

Competitor AnalysisThe detailed competitor analysis for just us is as follows: Competitors | Channels | Location | # of shops |Kicking Horse || Coffee shops, stores, restaurant | West Coast, Canada Quebec & Ontario || N/A|Kraft Foods || Stores, universities | US| Mainstream || P&G Millstone |Nestle | Mainstream || Canada & US| Mainstream|Low blaws Private label| Loblaws Storrs | Canada | 4 coffee shops | Just us | Coffee shops | Nova Scotia, Quebec & Ontario || 1|Trident booksellers and cafe| Coffee shop | Halifax, Nova Scotia | 3 coffee shops | Java factory | Coffee shop | Nova Scotia- Halifax, Darthmounth, upper Tantallon | 3 coffee shops | Tim Hortners | Restaurant | Nova scotia, general Wolfville, Halifax | 170| Second Cup | Coffee shop, retailer | Canada genral, nova scotia, Halifax | 360| Competitor analysis enables the company to understand the present and the future threats to the organization.

It helps is crafting the present and the future strategies. JU has many competitors in the local market and in the wide market of USA and Canada. According to Bergen and Peteraf [ (Bergen, 2002) ] suggested two part competitors analysis. According to this framework the company needs to identify from the set of the competitors present and the future threats. it is essential to analyze the competitors resources to evaluate the potential threat it can offer to the JU. If we analyze JU according to this framework, the following results can be concluded:

The market has some big players that can offer tough competition to JU. * Trident has only one shop and JU can be a threat to them * Java Factory is one of the prominent threat to the JU According to Bergen and Peteraf [ (Bergen, 2002) ], if in the same market there are two competitors with the same resources than it is vital for success to achieve customer satisfaction and product differentiations. JU considers Kicking Horse as one of the major competitors in the Canadian market.

Based in the West coast, the company has introduced some interesting strategies to differentiate and expand. One such interesting strategy is associating the product with local name and cultures. Using this strategy the Kicking Horse has proven its success in the local market and is effectively utilizing the international market such as the US and Europe.