Jury and Thesis Form Spelling

Form spelling and presentation : the jury is sovereign, no maximum number of mistakes determined. volume : maximum 70 pages (i.e. 35 pages printed on both sides), appendices excl. uniform « HEC-ULg » cover, via « la Centrale des cours » (N1) + see [email protected] the layout of the cover page. respect writing instructions (US standards) – see document about references and bibliography. On the 3rd Tuesday of May/Monday 19th August you have to hand in your dissertation to Mrs. M-A Lheureux (in the teachers’ room). You will give her : as many copies of your dissertation as the number of jury members + one copy for the library; an electronic version of your dissertation and an “Executive Summary” in English on a CD (PDF Format).

On the cover of the CD will appear : the first and last names of the student, the title of the dissertation, the section you study in as well as the names of your promoter and readers; a photocopy of your front page (for the homologation committee). Public presentation You may have a PowerPoint presentation but do not forget to prepare transparencies in case of technical problems. You have 10 minutes to present your topic in English. Question time : 25 minutes. Total duration (deliberation included) : about 45 minutes.

Deadlines Final title and choice of 1st or 2nd session (M2) : Tuesday 30th April 2013 Hand in your paper (M2) : 3rd Tuesday of May/Monday 19th August.

NB: Typography Times New Roman 12 1.5 spacing upper-lower-left-and right margins 2.5 cm centred page number