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Does AMA ethics opinion mention encryption as a technique for security? AMA ethical onion does lay down importance of encryption as a security measure for transmitting confidential patient information. Database which contains confidential patient information should provide access to computer terminals. Several security measures such as encryption, encoding and passwords should be utilized to protect information. A hospital would be transmitting patient information to or organizations including or hospitals, out-sourced clinical services, network partners, etc.

They would be utilizing patient information for certain purposes. Such information of patient would be sent over internet. There may be a two way flow of patient information (for example in one direction flow of processed information and in the other flow of updated information). TO ensure that the information is safe and secure, encryption or encoding devices need to be utilized as suggested by the AMA.

Encryption can not only be a clause for safe transmission of information, but would also enable business organizations to outsource certain amount of work to or organizations (William L. Manning, What does the ethics opinion say about disclosure by recipients of authorized data to third parties? Ethics opinion clearly mentions that patient and the physician should be clearly informed about third parties to whom information would be distributed. Patient and physician have to give permission for transmission of such information. Permission should be taken before such information has been transmitted. Only required data needs to be transmitted and if not necessary, patient identifiers should be removed.

The information should be utilized only for purpose for which consent has been granted. Further, organization should ensure that the receiver organization is not misusing the patient information (William L. Manning, 2008 & Mark A. Levine, 2008).

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