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The bank posses an internal wide-banded computer network based on Microsoft NT technology. This network is connected to the World Wide Web through a secure firewall. This is the backbone of the bank's IT systems. On this wide banded network there are several servers connected, and a domain controller makes the authorisation of the client users. The basic client workstations have the same features; these are so called specimen PCs. The applied operating system is Microsoft NT 4. 0 client, and the installed applications are Ms Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express for mailing functions.

The different specific application is installed onto this PC. The Treasury as a unique part of the Bank has different basic needs for the operation. In his department there are some extra requirement for the hardware to exploit the functionality of the extreme applications. These are the following: Video switching keybards, Dual video cards, Extended memory and harddisk capacity, Soundcard, Etrali Dealerphone. For the time being the Treasury handles more than forty percent of the Bank's assets, so the productive operation is substantial for the management.

On the other hand, due to the dimension of the other part of banking operation, the investment into the Treasury IT systems was the most cost-effective solution. That was the reason for improvement of Treasury information system in the last couple of years. The different type and level information come across different type of systems. According to the type and objective of data, there are three different types of information systems were implemented in the Treasury.

As the Treasury is an well-integrated part of the Bank, it has to receive and provide information from and to the surrounding departments. The mentioned three kind of systems have several connections with each other, and several external systems of the Bank too. Furthermore some systems in the Treasury spread over the frame of the department. The interactive connections between the different systems are solved by interfaces. The trading and communication systems are genuine Treasury applications, and interfaced into the Treasury front office system.

These systems are extremely secure, exist on a separate network, due to data security reasons. The users of this kind of systems are solely the authorised dealers in the Treasury. There are several needs of market information from several departments of the bank. The applied market information systems have functions for data contribution possibilities through the company local network. This kind of information providing is not interactive, and the amount of the data is determined.

The market information systems have online connection with the Treasury front office system, and provide delayed information on the corporate network. The most sophisticated and important system is the Treasury front office system. It has numerous interfaces with several external systems. Receives information and provide higher level data to several department of the Bank. Without this kind of system, treasury operatio would be inpossible, or extremely risky. In the different stages of the organisation at different decisions different type and amount of information is needed. 1

At the bottom level, the dealers need all the financial information from the market where they trade, and of course they had to know about the proper position of themselves from the front office system. They deal on the trading systems or by phone. At the operational level all the information from the three type of system is needed. The middle managers are responsible for task and operational control; they have to ensure tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently. They have to monitor the dealers work by the front office system and they have to know about the market movements from the market information systems.

Some of them have to monitor the trading system as well. At the senior management level, the managers have to control the overall performance of the Treasury by the help of the front office system. They have to carry out the overall goals for the department. According to the data of the market information systems, and the bank's position in the front office system, the dealer can decide about his interest in the market, and he can make his quotation for the market participants through the trading systems.

In case of a trade, the deal is captured and processed by the front office system, and the position is updated. The front office system controls the reasonability, and checks the limits of the trader. If everything is all right, after the check by the officer in the back office, the deal can be settlemented and accounted. The front offices system can make the appropriate accounting orders to the general ledger.