Journal: Property and James

This is the story that I have witnessed in my community. The dispute between the boundaries of houses led to the misunderstanding of each other. Since I do not own any rights to appear theirs real name in this paper, let’s assume they are James and Taylor. James and Taylor were longtime neighbors and best friends before the dispute happened. One day, Taylor had done some changes in her front gate, which included laying a concrete slab. This concrete slab intruded on James’ property line.

Taylor and James had many strong emotions about what was the best way to resolve this property line dispute. For Taylor it was only a few cm. But for James it was a very important few cm. James, concerned about maintaining his current property rights, insisted that Taylor to remove the concrete. Taylor felt that in the spirit of being good neighbors the cm should be overlooked. On the top of the issue, there was a third party, “the property line agency” that was called by Taylor to mediate this issue.

James felt betrayed that Taylor had called the property line agency on him a few months earlier. Taylor had called property line agency to get help with the property line issue. Shockingly, while investigating the property line, the agent noticed that James had constructed a concrete grave of his father 5cm in the backyard of Taylor’s property land. James was forced to move his father grave from Taylor’s land. James blamed Taylor.

Taylor hadn’t meant for that to happen. Then she understood James’ anger towards her. In the end, James and Taylor made several apologies to one another and let go these past transgressions. Concrete slab of Taylor was still constructed and James’ father grave was also not removed. As a result of the mediation, James and Taylor were spared the expense of the property line agency and more importantly, returned to being good neighbors.