Joining Military

Some people say the military is a bad career choice, I disagree and this is why. My decision to join the military is rewarding because it has great medical benefits for my family, guaranteed retirement after 20 years, and has given me future life skills. There is a lot of people that are anti-military but, they haven’t experienced what I have in the last eight years. It has been good for me and my current and future family that I will have. The military has great medical benefits for me and my family.

It provides full medical for any type of injury including a wife having a baby and all associated procedures that may follow for mother and child. When my son was born he was admitted into the NICU for a month. After a month he needed surgery only being 5 weeks old. It was stressful enough but, knowing I didn’t have to pay for it was a great relieve to me and the mother of my child. I have the option to choose whatever pediatrician I want no matter what the cost may be. If you don’t like the doctor you have you can change at any given time and transfer your records from previous doctor.

That is really good for the fact getting a second or even a third opinion on an injury is absolutely free. I broke my shoulder in 2009 and had two different doctors to look at my shoulder to ensure my shoulder was healed. The annual checkups, cleanings, and fillings are MILITARY 4 free for family. Other dental procedures are mostly covered for family depending on the oral surgery that is needed. All name brand prescriptions are free of charge. There is some medications that cost lots of money just for one pill.

All in all it is a stress reliever altogether for the medical and dental benefits offered to service members and family. Retirement is what everyone in the world strives for and tries to get the maximum benefits from it. In the military you work for twenty years and can retire. You may not get full base pay that you were receiving but, its great extra pay for you even once you start your other career ahead of you. The longer you are in the more percent of pay you will receive for the rest of your life. At twenty years you will receive 50% of your base pay.

If you do longer than your required retirement years it increases and you could get up to 75%. Depending on what pay grade you may retire at and what state you retire in you can be set and may not have to work anymore. If you were injured at any time in the military you can also collect disability for them. Depending on injury you can collect anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent disability. There are so many veteran benefits you can obtain after your retirement. There are VA loans you can take out and buy a house or even to start a business you always wanted.

When I retire I will use these options to build the house I always wanted and maybe get the help to start my business. The military provides young people with life skills and personal development. It has provided me to grow up and gain some responsibility. I never had any responsibilities before I joined. I used to throw my money around and lived with my father. I moved out and had to live on my own making my own decisions with money management. It gave me pride in my work and personal accomplishment of the things I did. Leadership is a major thing I see people lack to MILITARY 5

this day. I learned different techniques and developed my own as I went. I am an E-5 in the military and that is the start of most leadership positions in the military. I learned that you need to gain the respect of others and they will look out for you like you do them. If your juniors that work for you are not happy than I believe that you are a bad leader. I currently work for an E-6 that nobody respects because the way he comes at people. My co-workers come to me for problems first to see if I can help them resolve them.

College is a big part of skills you can develop in the military. I say it’s a skill because college teaches you how to write and organize information. Emails and briefs you may write to your boss is a direct reflection on you and the effort you put into work. I have struggled in the past with this with my officer in charge. Now that I have been in school I can see my briefs become easier to write and read. College is free through the military while you are in. You will not find any other job that will fully pay for your education without a scholarship.

Coming to my conclusion I hope that someday people may read this and realize what great benefits and opportunities the armed service offers young and also older people. You can join to military up to the age of 35 and it will be just as rewarding. I also understand that it can be dangerous at times also. That is the risk us service members encounter to have the benefits we have. MILITARY6 References Kathy Sole (2010). Essentials of College Writing. Retrieved from: My Constellation Bookshelf Ashford University. Ashford writing center new edition. Retrieved from My Constellation Bookshelf.