Italian law and justice system

The immediate simmilarites between the ends of act 1 and act 2 is that in both of them eddie is defeated by marco. In act 1 Marco lifts the chair high over his head whilst Eddie cannot even lift it off the floor and in act 2 Marco uses the power he displays in act 1 to kill Eddie even when he was at a disadvantage. Another similaritie is that in both acts is shown brandershing a wepon over eddie in act 1 he is holding a heavy chair above eddie and in act 2 he takes the knife from eddie and then stabs him.

The difference s between the ends of act 1 and act 2 is that in act 2 the tension builds up to something lethatl whilst in act 1 it builds up to something minor in comparision. Another difference is that in act 1 the characters thoughts and feelings are not-reveled whilst in act 2 the characters disclose there thoughts and feelings about each other to the audience. The tensions of the play have developed considerably between the ends of act 1 and act. This is because eddie has now kissed his neice cathereine and Rodolfo on the lips.

This suggests that eddie was trying to to see weather Rodolfo would resist . this also makes the audience think that catheriner has a secret admirer in eddie. Another tension which has developed between the two scenes is caused by eddies betrayel of Marco and Rodolfo to the immigration bureau this becomes a major issue because when the immigration burearu come to arrest them eddie revels the fact that he reported them this is a crime punishable by death in the Italian law and justice system.

In the end of act 1 (pg36-37) marco and eddie are having a polite conversation while in comparisom at the end of act 2 both eddie And Marco are shouting at each other in the street (pg64). another example of this is towards the end of act 1 Catherine is largely respectful towards eddies feelings. Whilst in the end of act 2 she doesn't care if anything she does annoy him we can see this because she says "who the hell do you think you are" and this rat". There are differences in the audience's expecta6tions between the ends of act 1 and 2.

At the end of act 1 the audience expects there to be trouble but are not sure in what form it will come in. whilst in act 2there expectations become crystal clear. Miller creates the tension which climaxes in eddies death in a number of ways . one way he does this is through eddies ultimatum to Beatrice 'but don't come back you be on my side or there side that's all. This creates tension because the audience wonders which option Beatrice will choose. Another example of the way miller creates the tension is through eddies persistent in facing Marco despite pleas from Catherine and Beatrice.

This creates tension because the characters know that Marco is stronger then Eddie and that Marco will beat up Eddie if he had the chance eddies attitude towards this gives the impression that Catherine and Beatrice know what will happen to Eddie. The climax of the play shows us the themes of the play. One of the most significant themes comes out through Alfieri's prolog 'there were many justly shot by un-just men' this statement tells us that the law on some occasions slows done justice.

The climax of the play satisfies the audience's expectations because the audience realizes through Alfieri's prolog that Eddie will die this is because of the statement 'this one was Eddie carbine'. Miller decides to end the play when he does because all the way through the story has been manly about Eddie and that now that he has gone there is no point to go on. Another possible reason is due to the emotions of the audience and the characters, the helpless and the sadness just before the wedding this makes it an appropriate time for the story to finish because it gives space for the imagination.

From this play I have learnt about miller's skill as a dramatist. Miller's style is so effective because of the way that every word and scene is used in a way that will increase the tension. The prolog is effective because it for sees what will happen in the remainder of the play. In my opinion this play is effective because is effective because it portrays real life situations which could happen in this day and age.