Is Domestic Violence a Breach of Human Rights?

The problem brought forth by the unequal distribution of power in intimate relationships in developing countries has caused not only oppression but also violence against women. Criminal acts such as rape, hitting, verbal abuse and other related violent behaviors are being experienced by a significant number of women all over the world. As such, this research seeks to establish the link between domestic violence and human rights.

Not until recently that the United Nations (UN) has decided to include the issue of Violence against Women (VAW) on the mainstream of the human rights paradigm. As such this research will be looking on the anatomy of DV and the laws related to its implementation. More specifically, the research has the following objectives: To properly define Domestic Violence (DV) and other concepts related on the notion of DV.

To identify the incidences on DV that could be significantly related on the issue of Human Rights Violation. To identify the laws set forth by the United Nations that verifies the link of DV to the issue of human rights violations and specifically cite provisions that further explains the rights of women and the degree of protection that is due to them. To identify the campaigns this aims to further protect the rights of women. To know why it took so long for DV to be recognized as a Human Rights Issue.