Investment Summary

My investment summary didn’t go as well as I thought it would be. From reading my investment philosophy it is quite certain that I learned a lot from using the trial on Wall Street Survivors. As I stated in my power point, I was very uncertain on which companies to invest in and no research was done. From my basic knowledge I mostly invested in companies and corporations I was familiar with. My main focus just like any other investor was to make a large profit; it seems that I lost more money than I had gained.

Companies and Corporations that I had invested include: Johnson Controls Inc, Good Year Tire & Rubber Company, Apple, Microsoft Corp, Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil Corp, and Bank of America to name a select few. When selecting which company to invest in I didn’t have any background information so I never invested a large quantity. Only four of the companies I had invested in made a profit.

Good Year Tire and Rubber Company I invested in a total of 5 stocks and only gained a total of 22.60$ cents over a period of tie. Where as I invested in a quantity of 300 in Johnson Controls Inc and made a profit of 467.00$. Bank of America didn’t do as well as I expected, even though no profit was lost. But these were the only 3 companies I invested in, where at the end the profit was a positive and not a negative. Companies and Corporations such as Apple, Johnson and Johnson, Wal-Mart stores profits went down at a high rate, which I was expecting those stocks to do well. Apple Company I invested a quantity of 8 and lost a profit of $846.40. Apple is a well known company and for me to lose money in that particular corporation was much unexpected.

Even Wal-Mart who brings in the most money had a losing profit under my stocks. Maybe over a period of time things would’ve changed where the profit would be a gain. Microsoft Corporation was another stock I though I would gain a large amount of money in, when I ended up losing $596.33. Microsoft and Apple are competitors with one another and combined I just those two not including the others I lost 1,442.73 dollars. Imagining if I invested more money into them I would’ve been losing an even larger pofit. Understanding the entire investments of stocks and bonds can be very confusing, because there is so many other things that can be done with the.

Learning how much money to invest into a company to avoid losing a huge profit is another aspect with working with stocks. I believe I should’ve invested more money into Apple and Wal-Mart and my profit would exceed to a gain instead of losing the money I had lost investing a little amount. The companies I expected to do well were the ones who cost me the most money. The other companies I invested in lost small amounts of money to name a few amounts such as $60.00, $160.01, $12.34, and $3.63. The small amount of dollars being lost add up, when you study the numbers very well.