Investigation and Historical Experiences

Men and women have existed in human society since ancient times. They do their jobs. For example, in ancient times the power of a kingdom was overwhelmingly in the hands of men. The reason is that men and women think differently. There are more ambitious men than ambitious women. And, based on human history, most people would prefer to believe that women have a better memory for small things than men. It can be simply concluded that women are more careful than men. Of course, this is a general statement, not an absolute. These historical experiences alone do not prove the more nuanced views of these women. Experiments are needed. Below, my team and I designed several convincing experiments. The correctness of the above views can be reflected by the experimental results.

Because of our lack of resources, we selected 20 people for the experiment. Among them are our classmates and teachers. There were 10 males and 10 females, and the ratio of adults to students was the same. After describing to the students and teachers, they are very willing to cooperate. First, we gave each participant a questionnaire. There are three questions on the questionnaire. They are: What do you think you pay more attention to when something happens? (answer: result or process)

What do you tend to remember about the past in your memory? (answer: result or process) If you were on a first date with a stranger, would you pay more attention to the overall appearance or some details of the other person? (answer: overall image or details)

About ten minutes later, they submitted their results . According to their analysis of the answers, it is clear that women pay more attention to details than men, while men pay more attention to results and the whole. This phenomenon occurs between adults and students.

Then, we played two video clips with multimedia in the classroom after making sure it was quiet. One is a variety show; the other is a speech by a world-famous person. After the screening, we asked everyone individually how they felt. The survey focused on each of the film’s main characters . The data shows that men focus on the whole and women on the details. In the first film, for example, men rated the contestants as either looking good or bad, as well as their temperament and strength. And the female’s appraisal is many for so-and-so some here long good, the eye is very big, sings how dances how. In the second clip, a speech by Mr. Ma Yun, a famous Chinese entrepreneur. Men focus on the effect of his speech, and the atmosphere. Women focused on what Mr. Ma looked like and what he wore

The result was not unexpected. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if women took over power in this world. The answer is something I can’t speculate on, because the question would be ambiguous and would be considered disrespectful to women. But women’s characteristics make them better suited for jobs that require more concentration, while men are better suited for research jobs. Of course, this is just some of our students’ incomplete childish views.

As for why we do these experiments, and their rationality, I will make an analysis in the following content. As we all know, women’s aesthetic standards are generally better than men’s, and men’s career ability is generally higher than women’s. Therefore, the two film and television clips we choose will have the comparison of appearance and strength, plot details and overall results.

For this survey, I think it is very accurate. Because our survey is based on the daily performance of men and women. In fact, we’ve just made a brief summary of the daily behaviors of men and women. So our results are more realistic. However, after all, our ability is limited, and not professional enough, this result is relatively shallow.

Through this essay, we learned a lot, such as making a plan according to the research direction, as well as a questionnaire. Improved the ability of teamwork. Although the results of this study are consistent with our initial guess, we still realize that practice is the only criterion to test the truth. Otherwise, it is hard to convince others.

In the course of this research, I had a strange idea, that is, what kind of person will be produced after the combination of male and female thinking? And whether extreme male thinking and extreme female thinking are incompatible? This remains to be further investigated and studied in the future. Thanks for this experience!