Interviews & Interrogations

Victims of domestic violence are in the habit of keeping the details of their assault a secret. The reason for their decision to hold back information on their assaults is not far fetched. Series of domestic violence exists every year and in different places. Either a man or woman could be the victim of domestic violence. A victimized man might decide to keep his assault in the hands of his wife a secret as he fears that it could deflate his ego if he confesses to people that he had been assaulted by his wife.

Conversely, a battered wife might decide to keep the details of her assault in the hands of her husband a secret as she feels that if she gives the details of the assault, she might be forced to leave her matrimonial home, a situation she would want to avoid. Women base their refusal to own up to been assaulted by their husbands on love. For a crime to be considered as a domestic violence, it has to meet some certain requirements.

It has to be a crime committed within the household. Domestic violence is committed when a man unleashes terror on his wife as a result of some frustrations he faced at work or due to some other reasons, domestic violence is also committed when a husband is a subject of ridicule and abuse by his wife (Anderson, Glick, Shapiro, & Umberson, 1998). A spousal assault is generally referred to as a case of domestic violence.

Domestic violence could be rather threatening to the life of the victim as the victimizer might end up hurting or even killing the victim. If they continue to keep their assaults a secret they are not likely to get help as they are advised to report cases of their assault to the responsible authority. Reference Anderson, K. , Glick, J. , Shapiro, A. , & Umberson, D. (1998). Domestic Violence, Personal Control, and Gender. Journal of Marriage and the Family , 60 (2), 442-452.