International crime

Considered today as an international crime, after the intervention of the United Nations to stop this senseless doings, genocide is one of the socially intriguing and a major subject of social sciences advocates. The International Criminal Court (ICC) had modified or elaborates what has been set by the United Nations as formal and official definition of genocide. Some of the elaborations includes the clear explanation of the “destroy” in the definition that tends to include not only killing but also any means of not allowing somebody of belonging to a group he or she desired (Rummel, www. hawaii. com).

Though most of the elaborations made are clear or gives vengeance to the past victims of genocides, still there are some organizations or even leaders that considers flaws or exaggerations in the definition. Most text that I’ve read about this social issue noted that our world has undergone many cases of genocides and there are millions and millions or lives sacrifice just for what perpetrators believe to be the right. In our history, truly, there are many wars, which are considered a form of genocide since by some mean; it allows a nation to kill some other members of the opposing nation for the reason of protection or freedom.

The question merely here is why do perpetrators do that thing and how are the victims determined. Well, according to Rummel, there are essentially five reasons why an individual or a group commits genocide, though the motives of killing might be still hidden with a lot of complexities. The first that he stated is that individual or groups instinctively wanted to protect his or her affiliation in the ruling organization where he belongs that any perceived enemy or threat to the destruction of these must be prevented by any mean.

Certainly, this motive has been the escape goat of most leaders in declaring a war or colonizing other nation which is in fact true until today. The second is highly related to what a group believes and their shared emotions among others. They maybe some group that they hate for whatever reason they have or they envied because maybe of the possible advantages or talents they possess that leads them to think of destroying the group so that they can take the advantage. The third and the fourth are somehow related that they are concerned in the purification or the betterment of one’s society.

The third is concerned with the oneness of the belief the society must have in order to avoid delayed in political and economic progress. The fourth is about the total elimination of any believe-to-be-false cultures or traditions that also hinders progress or advantage for a group or so. The last one that Rummel stated is mainly about economic progress which deals mainly in slavery and domination in one input resources. The above five cited motives basically seem a little “rational” at first.

Some of them, especially the last three have, at least, an idea of the good of the society; but still, those reasons are insufficient in most beliefs that they had to destroy one group which may also be seeing the same goal that they have. What are losing in this scenario are the innocent factors that only like to live and follow what they believe is right or what they see is true. Genocide is a clear crime; and by any reason at all it is crime and thus perpetrators need to be punished. It is not as light as a white lie that one may forgive because somehow the one committing white lie has some divine or good purpose in doing that.

It is much more like an imperialism or colonialism made a lot worse. In other words, though they may present some reasons, personally, I think they are not “rational” at all. Genocide, or its base form maybe – the killing, is still one the very annoying, in the sense that we cannot readily explained it, and confusing social issue that has or still may happen. I think due to the nature of human or the survival of the fittest ideology, killing in order to take advantage cannot be prevented.

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