International Corporate Law

I have taken a decision to further my education in law at Seton Hall University School of Law. The reason for this is that the current program being offered at Northeastern University School of Law (“Northeastern”) is not in consonance with my career objectives. As I have learned this year, attending law school is a challenging experience that, if approached with hard work and a passion for the legal field, will provide me with the requisite knowledge and the right perspective to succeed as a lawyer.

Moreover, the law school you attend, the courses it offers, its professors, who will serve as your educators and mentors, its staff, that keep the school going, and the fellow students with whom you share the same interests all have an impact in your career. Consequently, I have realized that in order to become the lawyer you want to be in the future, you must have a combination of all these key elements.

My experience during the past academic year at Northeastern University has been a challenging but rewarding one. During this period, I gained an immense amount of knowledge in the legal field, and I learnt how to complement the engineering way of analytically approaching problems with the critical eye and thinking that lawyers require. Also, going through this learning process has reinforced my original desire to pursue a career in law in the areas of Intellectual Property and International Corporate Law.

My career objective to specialize in these areas of law is driven by my intention to combine the legal knowledge I will acquire in law school with the engineering foundation and international consulting experience I currently have. I realize what my future goals are. I also recognize the fundamental role which whatever education I acquire in the next two years will play in my future. To this end, I have decided that a change of schools. This is vital to the success of my career.

This past year, Northeastern’s unique education, co-op program, and first year curriculum with the pro-bono legal project have provided me with a solid theoretical and practical legal foundation. However, I recognize that the public interest focused program offered by Northeastern University and the interests of the student body are not in concordance with my career goals which I mentioned earlier. Furthermore, the regional program offered at Northeastern University will make it difficult for me to practice law in the New Jersey and New York area upon graduation.

Therefore, in order to succeed as a professional lawyer in the Intellectual Property and International Corporate Law sectors, I have decided to transfer to a law school that can provide me with the academic and career opportunities that I greatly yearn for. The following are the reasons why I am looking to transfer to the Seton Hall University School of Law (“Seton Hall”). First, your school has a focus in the area of Intellectual Property, including a nationally recognized program in it as well as International Law and Corporate Law.

At Seton Hall students are given the opportunity to learn more about these areas of law through the variety of classes available. Some classes that I am particularly interested in taking include International Intellectual Property, European Union Business Law, European Union Law and Patent Claim Drafting to name a few. Moreover, the knowledge and career backgrounds of great teachers including Professors Frank Pasquale and Gaia Bernstein are stimulating and I believe they aid in shaping me into the future lawyer I want to become.

On one hand professor Frank Pasquale practiced Intellectual Property in the United States and in Latin America; I will like to follow his footsteps in this regard. On the other hand I also look forward to learning more about professor Gaia Bernstein’s focus on the inter relations between technology, law and society as well as her wealth of international legal experience. Third, the pro bono program will allow me to continue working with the community to protect social justice while having a hands on experience.

While doing this, I will also be able to learn and focus on the areas of law of my interest. Lastly, I think Seton Hall is strategically located in order to start my professional career as a lawyer in New Jersey and New York after graduation. Finally, I believe that you will find that my cultural and educational background and my working experience has made me a unique applicant and an invaluable addition to your student body. As a multilingual, I speak four languages, I was born in Romania, I grew up in Peru and I came to the United States as an immigrant.

I believe that I will bring significant cultural diversity to the class. Furthermore, my educational background as an engineer and my working experience as a consultant in national and international corporations will enable me to bring new perspectives to the classroom to share with my fellow students and professors. I understand that the choice you have to make is not an easy one, but I truly hope that you will allow me to become part of the family by supporting me in my decision to transfer to Seton Hall University School of Law.