Internal communication in Chelsea Village

The low profit burger bars may just use their mobile phone but Chelsea F.C will need to use technology, information technology [IT] this is a big part of Chelsea F.C it makes the business effective and efficient. All functional areas in Chelsea Village benefit from the use of IT.

They may use Email, but there are advantages and disadvantages in using email advantages include: the ability to receive a same message simultaneously, cheap, efficient. However as with any form of communications there are disadvantages: it is criticised as being less formal – no personal contact, can be inefficient – an office worker may email someone 2 metres away, the ability of being hacked. Chelsea village do not just use IT as a form of communication for example, to send a message to the fans they may use live broadcast on public TV or radio. 

Internal communication in VGS As with Chelsea village IT is also important with VGS. There are many forms of internal communication in this business; a business meeting – formal, a memorandum – this usually contains a request or information, a letter – traditionally formal may contain many things, notice board – informal and may display adverts. Etc. 

External communication in Chelsea village and valley grown salads This also may include IT. Chelsea village and VGS may need to communicate with; other businesses, with suppliers, with customers or the government. These external communication features may be in form of oral, formal or informal. Any communication that takes place between the business and an outside body is external communication, in these businesses external communication may include a simple telephone call from Chelsea F.C to the sweat shops in china requesting 1000 more shirts, or a business conference with VGS and waitrose – these are examples of oral communication, however there can be formal and informal oral communication.

For example an interview, a meeting or a conference, these are formal, an example of informal communication may include; networking or phone calls. The main technique of external communication is in the form of writing, this is due to many reasons for example, to keep a record. Businesses such as Chelsea village, that have shareholders, may need to make documents formally available to the general public, for example a company report and accounts. How is internal and external communication used to support functional areas in Chelsea Village and Valley Grown Salads? 

Human resources, training and trade unions When Jose is training his squad he would use face to face communication to teach his squad. Other training often involves new staff, there is a new secretary, the trainer would communicate firstly face to face then maybe write a list of things that the new employee can expand on and practice. Other businesses like the Chelsea Mega store may train their employees because of new machinery for example, a fork lifts truck; communication would be used via a manual or a demonstration.

Communication in the form of person to person is needed for training on VGS machinery for example, packing machines. However there also may be a manual available for the piece of machinery. The football player's trade union would communicate through formal letters. If needed, they may arrange an interview with the footballer to communicate face to face. This is the same for VGS.

Sales and marketing, market research and pricing The market researchers at Chelsea [the scouts] would communicate by writing a detailed statement or report of what they have assessed, they may at first communicate informally by telephone or email.

The market researchers at valley grown salads may communicate their findings by writing a detailed report with prices etc. Chelsea's pricing strategies are determined by the market researcher's findings; therefore the researcher would communicate by writing a report of his/her findings. This would also be the same for valley grown salads. Research and Development, Product improvements

This functional area may need to communicate with shirt designers via sketches and reports; this is the same for the Chelsea game etc. his functional area may also need to communicate with companies that offer efficient fertilisers. They will need to communicate in the form of writing and if VGS are interested they may call for a meeting. 

Finance and accounts – Monitoring income and expenditure

This functional area communicates discreetly, for example Jose may communicate to the board of directors only by face to face meetings and conferences. It is an important part of the business, so a memo will not be good enough. Because VGS have chosen to conceal their account information they will need to communicate formally, in the form of face to face or a written report. 

Administration and IT – reception, security etc. Security teams around Chelsea village and Valley Grown salads will need to respond quickly therefore it is essential that they carry some form of telecommunications whilst on shift for example, walkie talkie. Other parts of the functional area for example, IT, may prefer to communicate via email because they would probably be sat at a computer in the first place. 

Customer service – after sales and complaints The after sales team will need to communicate to the customer by writing a letter or face to face, in some cases the customer service department may want to follow up the complaint with a phone call. The customer service for VGS may be different because they supply goods to Sainsbury and waitrose. But if there is a problem with the goods VGS will need to communicate quickly, therefore telephone may be an appropriate form of communication.