Intellectual Property Essay Summary

Modern technology is simply marvelous; it allows one person to listen to another person’s artistic musical work without having to be in the vicinity of that person. The certain technology I am talking about is Internet music downloading. Internet music downloading is when a person downloads music from the Internet. Downloading music from the Internet has a multitude of advantages as well as cons and risks. The risks of downloading music from the Internet include spyware, viruses, hackers, and possible invasion of personal information, such as your birth date and social security number.

Although these risks may be present, a good percentage of people buy and download music from the internet. When these people download music, they can infringe on the copyright laws of works by composers or artists. The previously stated people infringe upon the copyright laws of the artist by downloading the work without compensating or crediting the artist. Without compensation, the artist will feel like he or she is producing music for nothing, and nobody likes to work for nothing.

Everybody wants to make a profit for the time and effort they put into their work. Downloading music from the Internet is a great way for people to acquire the selected songs they want without paying for the songs they do not want. One example of this is a 12 year old boy is paid a weekly allowance of $5 and has a list of his favorite songs. He goes to a music store and sees a CD of the band that is at the top of his list. The CD costs $15 and has only 2 songs he likes. He spots another band’s CD, and it is also $15, but it has 3 of the songs on his list.

The advantage downloading the same songs from the Internet is that this boy has the ability to pay for all 5 songs on his list without paying for songs that he does not like. By selecting the songs he wants, the boy has more space to buy more songs and because he is able to buy more songs, he is exposed to more artists and their work. With this exposure, there is more variety in the content the boy is buying. Ads also help out artists by promoting people to buy their songs online. Some companies, like Apple Inc. , have programs where people can buy songs from the Internet. These programs, ITunes for Apple and Google Play for Google Inc.

, allow the consumer to own the songs they want by purchasing cards that have a set amount of money on them. One example of these cards are ITunes gift cards for Apple’s ITunes, and these cards are created to allow the quick transfer of funds from the consumer in the store to the consumer’s account on the Internet. One drawback of downloading music from the Internet is that some people have discovered how to illegally download music from the Internet. It is human nature to obtain material in the most efficient manner, and it goes back to when conserving was the difference between life and death for human beings.

It is hot wired into human thought process that it will cost a person less resources if you can obtain certain material for free. It is irresistible for humans to not pass up on an offer such as this. Because some people discovered how to get free music form the Internet, copyright laws were created to ensure that artists and composes received the compensation and credibility they rightfully deserve. Copyright laws were created mainly to convince the artists that their work is safe and that they will receive the compensation for their work.

The effect that copyright laws have on would be criminals, is that of deterrence by threat of serious penalties. With the threat of possible jail time and hefty fines over their heads, consumer think about if the free song is really free or if they are acting like brainless children. Every piece of music created after the 1st of January in 1976, has been protected by the copyright law of the U. S. Constitution. Any consumer of music has seen the warning label on the back or front of the case of the CD. Even people who download music from the internet have to agree to a user-license agreement to purchase songs.

These licenses are with programs like Apple’s ITunes to demonstrate to the user that the work they are about to purchase is protected by the copyright law. Copyright laws have provided enough protection for artists that the normal would not infringe upon the law. Artists have felt a sense of genuine security ever since the laws have been enacted. The laws have worked so well that artists and consumers alike have not felt infringed upon by the laws. Consumers do not feel like the public’s right to free access to music has been infringed.