Intellectual Property Essay

Time does fly so fast that today’s innovation is inclusive. With these innovations, some creates originally and some just imitates these originals. And with the intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets. As a student of Information Technology with Specialization in Digital Arts, I program a website and create a digital art. We create new concept in websites, illustrations, and movies which makes us the owner of these assets that we need to protect from plagiarism.

As a human, we do not want anyone borrow our valuable things without permission and as an artist, every creations we make is like these valuable things. On 2011, a Filipino action-fantasy movie, Panday 2, has been accused of copying a monster from the Hollywood blockbuster film “Clash of the Titans” in one of its scenes. Plagiarism may not be a crime but the alleged movie can be liable for copyright infringement because they used an exact same concept from another movie.

This instance could be solved if they recognized their character as another version or if they buy the copyright of the movie they got it from. In most cases, producers buy copyrights to make another version. The most popular is buying copyrights from authors of book to create it a movie version. This law is important and should be practiced by everyone who uses sources, but it does not mean we are limited to create innovations because this only makes sure that we create progress in our generation.

Imagine things having just the same concept from other, it would be boring, stagnant, and in our generation, is criticized like a very serious crime. Intellectual Property could be disadvantageous to establish things out of referencing but it makes us think and do something new. We can make existing ideas as our reference and with this, we mold new ideas and crate innovations.