Institutions and organizations

Perhaps one of the most crucial issues that law enforcement career development programs need to confront is the organizational culture. Organizational culture, in terms of career development, refers to the acceptance, adaptability, and willingness not only of law enforcement staff or personnel but also the law enforcement institution in embracing the requirements and demands of career development. The process is complicated and requires the cooperation of the institution and its members in order to ensure that everyone will be able to accomplish what the career development needs to become successful.

The issue within this situation is that sometimes, some law enforcement institutions as well as its members take career development lightly, perhaps a waste of time and effort when compared to other areas or tasks of law enforcement that requires attention. Neglecting the importance of career development will bear little improvement on work performance and productivity as the institution or individuals do not take it seriously. (Bucher, 2003)

Considering various barriers that discourage the implementation of career development programs and hinder it from exhibiting its purpose and mission as a vital process, the urgent need to address them should be a focus of attention from law enforcement institutions and organizations. The benefits and contributions of career development is tantamount to organizational success therefore each barrier must be analyzed and resolved in order to harness the bets possible results from the career development process.


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