Insight concerning procedures

Subject:  steady! hang in there mr dudley, many times in the past i have met with several somewhat brushes with the authorities, although i have advanced degrees in law enforcement and such, i dont think i possess the "intestinal fortitude" to carry out the state's positions on a lot of matters. in my past scrapes, the officers would almost always make some stupid and inane demand beyond their entitlement by the law. ergo, i get arrested for questioning their outrageous demands by not necessarily refusing but seeking more insight concerning their procedures.

It is amazing how the process works (or doesnt work) at times. i am certain you will prevail and hopefully similar "papers please" mentality will all but disappear in the future. Oh yeah, Land of the F R E E ! Dear Dudley Hiibel, I've seen this nice little video – gosh, they must have thought you're Osama bin Hiibel! That explains everything, man. If that's the sort of democracy, Bush wanna bring the Iraquis, congrats. Really worth to pay and die for.

Be happy to have this video stuff, in Germany we don't have this sort of equipment in police cars (too poor and too much history, it seems). So you always have several cops and the judge against you and end up in jail if you don't find other witnesses. Kick them in their ass!!!!!! And get rid of Bush and his greedy, hypocritical old pals as soon as possible. They don't fight for freedom, they are only interested in power and money and money and money. Your case is as important as the one against these new election machines from Bushs old friend Diebold.

I'm happy to see that there are still living some REAL cowboys. Your a brave man. A lot of people in Germany are watching your case. Don't give up, I keep my fingers crossed. Subject:  Remember this statement… "It is more important to wrap yourself in the constitution and burn the American flag, than to burn the constitution and wrap yourself in the American flag. " Right seems so simple until you are confronted by wrong. Remember Dudley that America was founded for those who dreamed of peace and freedom. Don't stop dreaming because you have experienced a nightmare.

May the Supremes realize that we must as a society take chances in the unknown in order to secure freedom from tyranny? Subject:  Gestapo police Hi Dudley, I'm from Canada and I don't know what police procedures are for U. S. officers but in Canada police are allowed to ask questions in regard to an investigation if in fact they are actually investigating something. They are also required to tell you what they are investigating if they have stopped you or are questioning you. This "officer" did not have the right to simply come up and ask you for your ID even if you were suspected of something.

Anyway… good luck with your case, I hope, for the sake of everyone, that you will prevail. If you don't, it will set a precedence that will allow the police to adopt Gestapo policies and get away with it. Good Luck & Good Health! Kurt Subject:  Police brutality Mr. Dudley Hiibel I really think that you and your daughter were victims of police brutality. This officer needs to have charges filed against him and be prosecuted. I can understand the need for police to have proper procedures for their own safety, as well as the safety of others, however this was neither proper procedure, or legal.

I believe charges of harassment as well as assault on a juvenile should be implemented and a complete investigation be done by an independent organization. Where are we living today, what's next? Good luck to you Dudle Sometimes it takes just one man willing to stand there and demand what is right. And it appears that you are our man. Thank you. Ron Kern River Valley, CA MY family and I are firmly behind you. I hope we have some real Ameicans left on the Supreme Court who will throw this case out, and I also hope you file charges against the two officers who violated your rights…

These damn steroid monsters need a good a.. kickin… For Bill Johnson to say we need to give up our liberties for security shows how ignorant he is of the supreme laws of this Republic… Best Regards Dick MR. Hiibel, I am shocked this is not more covered on the news. I have seen it even in the Die Zeit recently also. I know in Germany they have a "National ID card" . But here in the United States, we should be able to walk down the street and not have an officer demand to see our ID when we are not breaking the law.

Quite frankly, this scares me, if the nine robed men decided in favor of the officers on that day. Will our society finally breach over to national ID cards? Will we be able to just be stopped at random and asked to produce papers as they do in Italy? I hope things go well, and you have me in your prayers that you win this case.. All Americans should be scared sh—tless that this has even made it this far! Subject:  Are you a Free Citizen? Hey Dudley, Got this from a publication I think it's appropriate. Pity the poor, wretched, timid, soul who is too fainthearted to resist his oppressors.

He has the intellect of a slave. He sings the song of the damned. " I can't fight back. I have too much to lose. I own too much property. I've worked too hard to get what I have. They'll put me out of business if I resist. I might go to jail. I have my family to think about. " Such poor, miserable creatures have misplaced values and are hiding their cowardice behind pretended family responsibility, blindly refusing to see that the most glorious legacy than one can bequeath to posterity is liberty, and that the only true security is in liberty.

We must give up the idea that we can't fight back. There are people who are more than receptive to the understanding of the loss of control of our country and our government. Help us to explain to our friends and acquaintances the grave situation that now faces this great nation. "The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the REPUBLIC model of government are…. entrusted to the hands of the American people. " George Washington