The Injustice of the Justice System

Our Justice system today leaves much to be desired. We often jokingly refer to our justice system as a non working entity and in retrospect the truth of it is that our justice system isn’t much of a system and it really does not work as the political factions would like us to believe. Sure it get criminals off the street but this alone doesn’t mean it works. If the system worked as it did innocent people would not be sent to jail, Guantanamo Bay would not have happened. For those who are not aware, Guantanamo Bay houses prisoners who have allegeedly acted against the United States and for the most part have not been tried.

Many of these people have been here for years without due process, simply in this, where is the justice in our so called system and what kind of system is it that we have when housed in this fashion or wrongfully convicted? In an email conversation it was said that “Our county filed theft charges against someone for stealing an entire antique living room set but did not know where to locate the thief. When a member of the public, the person who owned the furniture, located and gave over the information to the county sheriff, the sheriff then said it was no longer a theft issue but a civil matter. ” (C. Tapken-Email.

Personal Communication 04/27/09) This doesn’t seem as if it would be justice at it’s finest either. This type of system is not advantageous by any means. A better form of our justice system would be that of a true system. One that has colloboration and a systematic balance of checks with each faction. If all counties, cities and the state government itself could come together in a neutral fashion and work as a team to provide a more comprehensive system that includes an absolute fairness and more specific verbage in regards to what is and what is not law and act accordingly under all circumstances then this would be a good start.

Currently these governmental factions act separately and do not work together for a greater good. It may be time to change this as it is obvious that the current system isn’t working. References Tricia Ellis-Christensen. What is Criminal Justice? Circa 2003-2009. http://www. wisegeek. com/what-is-criminal-justice. htm Jim Kirwan. Our CRIMINAL ‘Justice’ System, May 2005, http://www. rense. com/general65/criminal. htm Rey price. What is a True Justice System? The Center for True Justice and Healing Inc. 2006-2007, http://centerfortruejusticeandhealing. org/aboutus/truejustice/truejustice. htm