Industry Analysis of Telecommunication Industry in Srilanka

Low switching costAvailable wide variety of choices to the customers.Social networks E-mail, VOIP- SkypeFixed wire less /wire line

Overseas suppliers on IDD agreements request high rates.Land owners of net work towers request high values

Data Service ProvidersRapidly increasing IT companies




Two intermediaries switch in to the distribution process.DISTRIBUTION AND DEALER

MARKETING STRATEGY AUDITMISSION STATEMENT————————————————-The mission statement is clearly stated in the market oriented manner. Because it says their mission is to enhance human lifestyle. It reveals a concept which concentrates the value for the customers from the customer point of view. Through affordable prices and superior customer service they deliver functional benefits to their customers. In addition to that, their strategy has been created for the benefit of the share holders as well. The organization needs to ensure the great return to the share holders.

Our mission is to enhance human lifestyle by providing the most convenient telecommunication service with quality products and services through innovation, dedication, excellence and commitment that satisfy customer needs at affordable prices which ensure the great returns to share holders while offering superior customer service to the customers.

Marketing objectives* To grow share of market (volume) to 15% by 2015* To increase the market penetration to 75% by 2015* To increase the perception of unlimited IDD tariffs by 20% by 2015 * To expand the island wide coverage from 75% to 100% by 2015 * To increase the usage of value added services by 10% by 2015.

OBJECTIVES AND GOALSCo operate objectives* To increase sales by 20% by 2015* To increase operating profits by 20% by 2015* To achieve return on equity 10% by 2015* To achieve return on investment of 25% by 2015* To achieve return of 20% on capital employed by

STRATEGY- The strategy is mapped as follows to fulfill the mission statement and achieving the 20% increase in sales and returns. PRODUCT EXISTINGNEW

MARKET PENETRATIONDaily 200/= reload or multiple reloads are eligible to a daily raffle and a monthly raffle draw. | NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTNew per second tariff with the lowest call charges.Introducing a new cooperate package to the Executives which offer outgoing free among the group and discount on other calls.|