The Industrial Revolution Research Paper

The Industrial Revolution marks a major turning point in human history; almost every aspect of daily life was eventually influenced in some way. Most notably the economy had a huge impact; average income and population began to exhibit sustained growth. The United States, just like any other society, has slowly developed new technology overtime to enhance efficiency and the way we conduct our everyday lives.

One of the largest notable advancements of our past, in this aspect, is the ‘Industrial Revolution’. The Industrial Revolution can be defined as a significant change in the process of how goods were produced. This was a game changer for the United States because it transformed how things were done. It altered how business performed, increased transportation abilities, and it caused a major economic and social change.

Industrialization is said to have started in the US around 1760 continuing until the early to mid 1800s. During this period business’s shifted production methods from ‘made by hand’ production to using machinery. This was achieved through advancements in the technology used. Using machine power allowed employers to increase efficiency significantly and save labor costs. It was the start of a new way of business and a new way of life as well. Before the revolution it wasn’t unusual for many to earn a living working with their families.

The majority of the people worked in agriculture, often at their own farms. As the revolution of new machinery grew larger it became more and more normal to work outside the home at a factory of some sort. The textile industry became very popular and was a common place to work. As a result of the growing jobs in factories many cities grew.

With the industrial revolution came an economic revolution. Through the progression of technology, transportation between destinations became much easier. Trains using steam-powered engines were a popular new way of travel. Resulting from this the United States started to become more connected.

This connection of society forced employers to start paying workers by at least a certain regulated amount, also known as minimum wage. Before this an employer would say a certain price they were willing to pay and if the worker agreed with the terms then the deal would be made. Sadly, many workers faced competition and would have to settle for a lower than their desired amount.

The industrial revolution connected America through transportation, leading to easier communication. It shifted how the process of business went about allowing productivity to skyrocket. Industrialization changed how the average person lived their life with their family and how they earned money to provide for that family. It shifted the majority of workers from agricultural positions to industrial ones. It urbanized American society so that we could eventually become a greater and more independent nation.