The Industrial Revolution Paper Example

The Industrial revolution started of 200 years ago and it changed the way people in Britain lived. It is called a “revolution” because of the sudden changes it brought to the way people lived. The world is the way it is because of the Industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution completely changed the way in which machines were used; machines were now replacing animal or human power.

The Revolution changed the ways the world produced its goods. It also changed our societies from a society of farmers to a society where industry and manufacturing was in control. During the industrial revolution many new inventions and technology helped by advancing new industries. The textile industry was the first to be reformed, before the revolution cloth used to be woven at home, which used to take long hours, but with new inventions it could be woven faster.

In 1769 Richard Arkwright invented the water frame, which used waterpower to spin wheels. The steam engine reformed transportation, it allowed people to travel the world cheaply and safely compared to before. So rather than reading about the far off worlds and only dreaming of them, they could actually see the sights for themselves. They could also communicate very quickly. Before to the steam engine, it would take many weeks for a letter to get from say Dublin to London. After trains were created it could be done in days.

The industrial Revolution also gave many opportunities for people to get jobs and good became cheaper to produce from inventions, so consumers could afford to buy these goods.

But not everything was positive; the industrial revolution was also very harmful. Pollution increased, working conditions were very harmful and because most of the employees working in factories were working class young children and women businessmen made them work long hours, they were also took advantage of as they were paid minimum wage but as they needed the money they could not complain.

A lot of cities grew in population as more people were now looking for jobs, but not everyone found a job it cities so there was a lot of unemployed people living there. The industrial revolution was not good for the planet. From the beginning, factories increased the amount of carbon dioxide let out in the atmosphere. Also pollution by nuclear waste, pesticides and other chemicals are a result of the industrial revolution.

Therefore the industrial revolution has played a vital role in improving society. Without the revolution the world would not be where it is today. In terms of economical growth, as well as advances in machinery and technology in general the impact is colossal. So I conclude that the positive results far outweigh the negative.