The Industrial Revolution Summary

The Industrial Revolution was a time of high profit but also the time of the devastating deaths caused by it. The Industrial Revolution was a time when the world of manufacturing changed the way we now manufacture and produce, the Industrial Revolution was also an important source of economic development to the United States.

The Industrial Revolution was the of the changes in economic and social development that began about 1760 in England and later in the united states, replacement of hand tools with power-driven machines, power and the steam engine, and by the concentration of industry in large establishments. The Industrial revolution took place all over america at the time especially in the south, but over time the Industrial revolution spread to almost everywhere in america.

The spread of the Industrial revolution was caused by the invention of the steam engine invented by Thomas Savery and Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester. The Industrial revolution came to the united stare by the fact that the steam engine brought faster production to the united states.

The Industrial revolution made improvements made to the Industrial processes like accelerating production and improving the the process of manufacturing. it was also brought by the invention of weaving and spinning machines such as the sewing machine invented by Elias Howe, and the cotton gin invented by Eli whitney. The iron and clothing industries were together helped with the development of the steam engine as said, a great dent in history. The Industrial Revolution took place from 1820 – 1870 that was the start of a new civilizations that would affect the way of life for us today.

The Industrial Revolution in my opinion was was a negative concept at the time. The Industriral Revolution was negative for America for three reasons which are Lack of planning, Urbanization and Working life. The first reason the Industriral Revolution was negative for America is because the Lack of Planning. The lack of planning during the Industriral revolution was terrible because every single tow had no sewage system meaning that that everything was “decomposed” stayed in the ground and goes nowhere to clean.

There were no such thing as sanitation system which also meant that everything that was thrown out as garbage stayed because a stable way of transportation needed to make a garbage disposal system Which was not fully developed at the time. There was no running water throughout the whole town meaning that the most simplest resource was not available for use. the were many people that would walk roughly one mile to obtain fresh water and i know Ms. Winfrey and i would not like to walk one mile to wash some clothes.

The cause of terrible sanitation throughout the entire towns of hundreds of towns caused serious infections such as cholera causing the deaths of many individuals, and since the lack of medicine that was available at the time. This Evidence proves that the Industriral Revolution was negative for America because the sanitation system that was terrible at the time cause the people of America at the time to live in dirty slums of garbage.

The second reason why the Industriral Revolution was negative for America is because Urbanization. Urbanization is the rapid movement of people moving into cities, and this is what happened during the Industriral revolution, the high population flooded the towns that were yet not ready for much mass of population in a short period of time. Due to the rapid population status, diseases would spread fast without control and cause a negative outstanding amount of deaths. new social classes emerged due to urbanization. The entrepreneurs as well as the business people gained enormous wealth due to Industrialization.

This led to a class divide, where the workers in the factories became the have-nots-(People who work at the factory for the factory owners) and the factory owners, with their huge wealth became the haves-(. individuals that start a business and succeed at it).

Most of the people were used to staying and working on their own farms, where they would obtain their basic necessities of life, such as water and food, were easily accessible. in the cities, however, due to the rapid growth in population, even something as simple as water needs of the people were not met, due to the growing of population. This evidence proves that the Industriral Revolution was negative for america because the simplest necessities of life were not met and diseases would spread out of control.

The third reason why the Industriral Revolution was negative for america was because of the working life. The typical Factory worker at the time would have to work 12 to 16 hours a day, jobs that were not office jobs but life or death jobs. these jobs required physical labor, difficult and dangerous. if you were to get sick at any time you would get fired, if you were to get hurt that you could not work you would get fired.

Woman labor: factory owners would hire them because they could pay them less. Woman with families worked 12 hours a day and would be expected to cook, clean, etc. The reason behind why children would have to work is because their families needed the income of a working child so they would take them to work. Children could be hired at very low wages.

The children were still expected to do the same job, the same dangerous factory and the same amount of long hours. The high wage for a man was only $2 sad hard worked hours, if they were lucky. This evidence proves that the Industriral Revolution was negative for America because the amount of deaths that these physical labor jobs caused where devastating and the low pay wage that the workers received was terrible for the inconvenient, hard and dangerous job that they had to face.

The Industriral Revolution was negative for America for three reasons which are the Lack of Planning, Urbanization, Working life. The lack of planning was the cause of no proper sanitation systems. Urbanization caused the dirty slums that people had to live in. The working life during the Industriral Revolution was the cause of many factory deaths. So why don’t we put ourselves in the position of a factory worker at that time and imagine how our daily life would be.

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