Industrial Relations Essay

Section AHighest Educational Qualification|SSC| |HSC| |Graduate| |Post-Graduate| |Others, please specify| |

Gender|Male| |Female| |

Age| |

Company Name| |Designation| |Monthly Income| |

Section BB.1 How are wages paid in your company ?Daily basis| |Monthly basis| |Piece Rate| |Weekly basis| |

B.2 Is there a differential payment system for male and female workers ? Yes| |No| |

B.3 Which of the following benefits/facilities are provides by your company ? (Multiple choices possible) Benefits/Facilities|Performance Allowance| |Bonus | |Clothing Allowance| |Transportation Allowance| |Education Allowance| |Credit/Loan service| |Housing Rent Allowance| |Medical Allowance| |Free meals/Food coupons| |Night shift Allowance| |Others, please specify| |

B.4 Leave FacilitiesParticulars| No. of Days|Sick Leaves| |Maternity Leave| |Annual Leave| |Mourning Leave| |Public Holidays| |Paternity Leave| |

B.5 What kind of training system is followed in the company ? On the job training periodically| |Training according to work| |Training only at the start of job| |No training| |

B.6 are you associated with a trade union ?Yes| |No| |If yes, which trade union are you associated with ?|

B.7 What mode of communication management follows ?Communication with trade union| |Regular meetings between supervisor an worker| |Daily Inspection| |Group Meetings| |Suggestions and advices to/by workers| |

B.8 How is the relationship between management and workers ? Very satisfactory| |Satisfactory| |Average| |Unsatisfactory| |Poor| |

B.9 Is the collective bargaining process followed ?Yes| |No| |

B.10 How often industrial disputes occur in you company ?Once a year| |More than once a year| |Never | |Others, please specify| |

B.11 What according to you are the main causes of industrial disputes ? Causes|Increase in salaries| |Higher Bonus| |Higher allowances like HRA, medical, night-shift, conveyance etc| | Paid holidays| |Better working conditions| |Reduction in working hours| |Transfer, Promotions| |Political interests of trade unions| |Other, please specify| |

B.12 what kind of industrial action are taken by employees and trade unions ? Actions|Strikes| |Slow down| |Refusal to work over-time| |Interruption in work| |Gherao/picketing| |Lockouts | |Other, please specify| |

B.13 How are disputes resolved in your company ?Solutions| |By management and trade unions| |With the help of labour offices| |By labour management committee | |By government| |

B.14 How much time is taken to resolve such disputes ?|

B.15 Who among the following is most affected by the disputes ? Workers| |Employer| |Society | |