Induction for Students and Volunteers

Welcome to our setting, you have use of the locker room in which you must store your belongings, please make sure that you leave your mobile phone in your locker and do not use it in the building, if you need to make an urgent call you may use the settings phone. Staff toilets, please make sure you lock the door when you have finished. Our policies and procedures You will be given a copy of our policies and procedures, which your supervisor will go through with you, any questions please ask your supervisor.

You will also be given a copy of our handbook and newsletter please read these and direct any questions to your supervisor. Health and Safety Fire exits and assembly points-in the event of a fire or evacuation please leave the building through the garden and wait there until the register is checked. Please comply with the correct lifting procedures displayed in the kitchen. Two people are required to lift heavy objects. You must work in a safe way at all times.

You are responsible for your own safety in the clothing and footwear you have on. Any incidents and accidents need to be recorded and reported to your supervisor. Confidentiality- Please read the confidentiality policy before you start work. Under no circumstances must you discuss confidential information on Facebook/Twitter or other social networking sites. Check list . Introduction to staff explanation of line manager structure . Have a copy of the Policy and Procedures. . Have a copy of our Handbook and Newsletter.

Health and Safety . First Aid Box . Fire Drill and fire exits . Equal Opportunities . Daily routine . Rules for parents collecting children . Staff rotas . Locker room and where to lock aware valuables and mobile phone . Tour of premises . Where to find Children’s Register . Pay procedures . Admin staff . Contracts Pay and time sheets You will have ongoing support and guidance from you Manager/Supervisor. You will also have Supervision time, PDR also Identification of training needs.