Indra Gandhi

Indira Gandhi, the first women prime minister of India inspires me. When I read her life story I started to venerate her. It is a truth that I adopted her single actions in my life. She was called the “child of revolution” by her grand father when she was born. She has proved it by changing the face of India. I got influenced by her actions, life styles and her way of behavior. To my surprise, I have adopted her qualities like being a voracious reader, brave and friendly. Her aspect was to do right things without fearing any body; which created a good determination in my life.

Her care and love towards her parents made me feel worth on her. I promised myself to take care of my parents like her without any faults in the future. She was very much dedicated to her work and had good wisdom for the situations. Her attitudes and crystal personality made me keep her as role model in my life. I also decided to study in colleges, like Shanthi Niketan (India), Oxford University, where she was graduated. Her strong determination made her success in her goals, a good example for that is she had become the prime minister of India twice.

Her positive part is that, she believes in god, controls her emotional feelings, and hopes well. I am sorry that a great lady like her had left us, but I am glad that this famous and courageous lady is still in our mind. My promise to her soul is that I will become a well-known lady like her and will be a good role model for some one in the future.