Individual Reflective Report

Our group consisted of five members. As we did not know each other that well in the beginning one of the hardest tasks was to estimate how everyone’s attitude towards working in a team was like and how much effort every single member is going to put in our project. My role was to, first of all, suggest and eventually choose a topic upon the agreement of the other team members.

Furthermore, I had to clarify what we were going to do, as only two of us had actually read the requirements prior to our first group meeting. This was quite time consuming regarding the allocation ofthe tasks. Besides thefact, we were not complete on our agreed-upon time and therefore had to wait until we actually could get started.

Thedivision of the tasks itself went well, as everyone agreed on what he or she would have to do. We clarified what was not clear and each team member started working on his or her task. We made the decision to distribute the several tasks upon the five of us in order to work individually on a certain part.

As there were four main tasks to fulfil and two optional ones we opted for taking one of the optional tasks as well. In order to balance the parts each team member would present, we divided the Pestle framework in two parts. The time taken for the preparation and design stages of the presentation were underestimated.

Therefore, the division was a good decision. Communication was limited to moderate in the group. In the very beginning we created a ‘WhatsApp’ Group in order to have a fast and easy way to communicate, as everyone is reachable on his or her mobile phone almost constantly. Expect if it is about setting a date and time for the team meeting.

The presentation was planned to be put together a couple of days before the actual presentation day. We agreed upon that one of us would be responsible for the merging of the single parts before that last meeting. Moreover, this person suggested taking care of the design, which every team member was fine with. On our last meeting we wanted to merge the last part of a team member who was not yet done with his or her part.

However, it did not happen to be as it was supposed to be: somehow she did   not save her presentation correctly and all her work was gone. We helped her re-do her part of the presentation as good as possible and finallyadded this last part to our whole presentation. Notwithstanding, this group member had other imaginations concerning the design of the presentation.

Therefore, she decided on her own to re-do it and consequently changed it completely, which was a bit frustrating and offending my team member who put time and effort in that task. Again, here we can seeaweakness of miscommunication in our group. My recommendation in the very beginning was to decide upon a certain design in order not to have troubles in the end to merge the different powerpoint presentations together. This was unfortunately rejected or only voted forbyoneperson; hence, we did it at very last minute.

Here, I see a weakness concerning my own role as a team member. Instead, I should have resisted on taking over the leadership role and basically just implement my idea, but I did not, which turned out to be a minor mistake. What was admittedlyquite creditable in the functioningofthe team is the support oneoffered once in a while to another. One team member once had difficulties with his or her part and communicated it to the group.

As a team we tried to help him or her out as good as possible and gave suggestions on what he or she could add or improve in order to solve the problem. Also concerning issues of understanding, no one hesitated to explain a specific topic if he or she noticed a team member did not fully understand a certain part. If we would have the chance to work in the team again, we would have a lot to work on.

For instance, time management, team work, co-ordination and individual preparation in order to function as a team member. In general, I like team work if it is functioning as it is supposed to be: every team member is prepared, knows beforehand what task we have to fulfil, and prepares his or her individual part satisfyingly. Hence, trust and confidence are established and the collaboration is working out.

Correspondingly, I favour considering and sharing opinions within the group. Concerning the fact, that we now know each other already and I have developed a feeling of how every team member is performing individually and in team I would work with the same team again.

Nevertheless, I would opt for a change regarding my own role, the co-ordination of the whole group and the time management. Beginning with my role as a team member, I would definitely take over the responsibility concerning co-ordination, design and time management. In the future, I would rather take the risk to have some disagreements and more discussions than letting others take over the responsibility and in the end not being powerful enough to change something, because of time constraints.