Indian Politics: a Government by, of and for the People?

India is the largest democracy in the world. It’s the most diversified nation with more than a billion people living with communal ‘cacophony’ among each other. We have the longest written constitution among any sovereign nation with 117,369 words written in the English version. There is an elected government which is suppose to work for a period of five years under the citation that it is a government by , of and for the people. The above statements make our political system look like a very gruesome establishment which would be dealing with the requisites affairs accordingly.

But as usual things are not going the way they should. In a government that is ‘By’ the people there should be elected representatives who are nominated by the votes of the common people. It should be an unbiased, unforced and uninfluenced choice. But with the election season round the corner we can just see how fairly we are practising this. Each political party is trying to influence its voters by one or the other way. The motto is to get the maximum number of votes by hook or by crook. The election campaign launched by the parties is more a star show than proper election rallies.

Just recently a strong political party in U. P roped in a top Bollywood star to campaign for its party. What convictions this party will stand for when it signs a star who is himself has a past record of a criminal background. The voters are influenced with power and money both. Media is constantly showing footages of politicians distributing money and other souvenirs to the people. This blatant ignorance of election norms shows the desperation of the parties for the votes. ‘Fair elections’ is what is being promised to the people and disregarding the norms, booth capturing and various other unlawful methods are being used.

People in many regions are being issued fake voter cards and genuine citizens are not able to access their right. Capturing of the polling booth or influencing the counting process is a common practice. Voters are being divided on the basis of communal speeches. Just recently a young leader from the Gandhi family gave a very provoking speech disturbing the communal harmony. We also boast of having a government ‘Of’ the people. India is a diversified nation and it shows in the various political parties we have.

But not many of these parties are ‘Of’ the people. Apart from some smaller individual parties and groups, Indian politics is mainly a tussle between a select few parties. The NDA, Congress, The communist parties, SP and certain allies are the major players. The elections are fought among them and then finally a coalition government is formed. From last few years we are witnessing a hung parliament and no single party is emerging as the winner. These parties too are managed as big profit organisations with less efforts being put in for public welfare work.

The party people are selected not by the amount of social work they do but by their hold and influence over a particular region. Common people have no way to put forward their views. It’s just the ‘Ageless’ netas which formulate the laws no matter if they abide by them. Stronger positions in the party are transferred from generation to generation irrespective of the candidate deserving it. The political powers are inherited and they remain till ‘eternity’ and the parties are managed as family businesses. And finally it is supposed to be a government ‘For’ the people.

But the masses are far from reaping any benefits. Any change in the political party is welcomed by the common man as a new sign of hope but slowly the system crushes their dreams. Rights of the civilian are put at stake day in and day out. All this shout of India Shinning is a mere election gimmick. The poor are becoming poorer and rich are becoming richer day by day. Right from the admission in a primary school to a job promotion it’s not your talent but your ‘approach’ in the system. Apart from the internal problems the international affairs of our nation too are grossly mismanaged.

The Kashmir issue still haunts the people in the regions near it but no firm stand has been taken by the government. The Indo-Pak tension has continued since Independence and the dispute doesn’t seem to be settling in near future. The issues regarding the national security are supposed to be a prime concern of a nation. But now and then national security is breached and terrorist are roaming free on the streets spreading terror. The latest 26/11 attacks and the stand of the government thereafter shows that we need a better and a firm control.

The newly elected president of U. S, Mr. Barack Obama has showed his inclination towards stronger ties with our nation. But he sure must be looking for a better deal in calling us ‘A Close Ally’. The need of the hour is more intensive youth involvement in the politics rather than just criticizing the state of it. Active participation of youth in affairs of State is needed. And finally a hope that if we believe in our convictions and stand affirm then we can definitely have a government that will be By, Of and For the People. “Old order changeth yielding place to new. ”