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?Introduction People between the age of 15 and 35 constitute youth. Those In their teens among the youth are said to be of tender age. They are not considered experienced and knowledgeable enough to understand the complex world of politics. That is why some people believe that the youth should not take part in politics. But when the government reduced the age of eligibility for casting vote from 21 to 18, the message was quite clear “that the youth should actively take part in the process of elections whereby the candidates are elected to form governments at the state”.

They better understand the political atmosphere in the country and are well aware of the demand of politics. The youth inducted into politics have matured into great leaders. Young people are not only enthusiastic and energetic but are also full of new ideas. They are able to put freshness in the political affairs of their respective region as well as the nation. This assignment aims to figure out the level of awareness and motivation for the youths to join politics. Acknowledgement Special and sincere gratitude to Varun Bharvad; Senate Member(ABVP), Gujarat University, Parthivraj Sinh Kathwadiya; Senate Member(NSUI), Gujarat University, Dr.

Sharman Zala; HoD of Political Science, Gujarat University, and Bansilal Prajapati; Municipal Councillor for their precious time and important opinions that they provided us with during the interviews for our assignment. Surveys were based on opinions from different and distinct divisions of the society were taken in order to present an analysis. Surveys of parents, of youths involved in politics, of youths not involved in politics, and of students of political science were taken. Interviews Interview: Dr. Sharman Zala, H. O. D. of Political Science, Gujarat University. Q: How would you define politics as a career?

A: Politics is not a career. IAS, IPS, the other executive departments of the system – those are careers. The way I have seen politics grow today, it’s either a hobby or an unquenchable thirst for power and control. Q: Would you motivate your students to be a part of politics? A: If it comes to my notice that a student of mine has a flair for it, then why not? But, I wouldn’t push anyone unless they show interest in the field or at least ask about it. Q: What sort of responsibility rests on youths towards politics? A: Instead of trying to take over the burden of the entire nation, a youth should concentrate on the youth alone.

There is much less that can be done to amend the present. It would be far more fruitful to design and engineer the future. A youth leader should educate his kin, so that when it’s their time to take charge, they would have an array of competent peers to help them mend the country. Q: As a professor of political science how would you define an ideal youth politician? A: In all frankness, an ideal youth politician would be a combination of a patriot, a lawyer, a manager or an organizer and in these times he/she should also be great at PR. An ideal youth politician should be the one who can harbour all these qualities from a young age itself.

Q: Youths are considered to be hot-headed, should important decisions be taken by them? A: On the contrary, I think that the youths are more calm and rational. If they are really dedicated, they would definitely look into minor details that would otherwise have been overlooked. Q: In today’s time what are the motivating and de-motivating factors for youths to join politics? A: In general people believe that politics is there to serve the nation, so it should be patriotism and the will to serve that should motivate the youths to join politics. But, everyone knows that this seldom happens.

It is power, position and money that mostly serve as the motivation for the youths today to join politics. The patriots are either in defence or in the executive sector and the serving people find joining NGOs more to their purpose. It is commonly known. The way politics and politicians are today is what de-motivates the most. Who would willingly work alongside goons and frauds? Had this field held a more dignified image, there would be a lot more youths aiming to be a part of it. The other reason is the lack of appreciation, both economical and literal. Q: What sort of awareness exists regarding politics today? A: It’s very rare.

Colleges and Universities have seminars and lectures about MBA and engineering and arts, but how many times have there been seminars about politics. Even if there were such seminars how many would actually believe the speaker, no matter how motivating the person is. Politics has been a subject of general hatred since many years, almost second in rank to crime. It’s the image of the system that should be worked upon; the rest will work out by itself. Interview: Varun Bharvad (ABVP), Senate Member, Gujarat University. Q: Why did you select this field? A: This field has power. Politics as all about being powerful and doing well for the society.

Being a leader need to raise voice against injustice happen in our society even in our own life. Q: Give some information regarding part of ABVP in now a day. A: Well ABVP is India’s largest growing student union. The main aim of ABVP is to join more students involved in student’s politics. Many Self-finances College cheats students by putting fine on various filed. ABVP helps students from getting bullied up from the colleges when there is late result declare from Gujarat University its ABVP who helps students across the state. ABVP developed my personality and confidence. My good image that ABVP has created.

Q: Are there many students who are now interested in politics? A: Yes, there are many students joining ABVP in form of ABVP membership camp. They have been part of ABVP. The youngsters are getting more enthusiasm in joining politics. Q: Is there need of any support to enter in this field? A: To enter in this field you need your self confidence that will help you a long way coming through many odds in life. Later on in life it will teach you that ABVP has created a magic in your life, when you achieve success. Q: What is your opinion regarding politics? A: There are many politicians who are just useless for nation and corrupting our country.

Nehru, Gandhi dynasty we mostly clean the dirt by not electing them. Q: As per your own point of you is there need of young pm or experience pm? A: I think experience pm helps our country. Q: How can you say this? Can you please elaborate? A: Yes of course, there is need electing experience pm, because if any cm like Narendra Modi gets elected he is perfect for to become P. M. , because he has served his states as C. M. for around 15 years. He is more experience then ruling party pm right now. The young pm is too small to handle to problems of our nation from economy hit that we are facing Interview: Bansilal.

A. Prajapati, Municipal Councillor, Vastral; Deputy Chairman-Water Supply Q: What is your opinion regarding the current political scenario? A: In India every party has its own unique way of working. Some are public servants some are self-servants, some take politics as a business. While some see their profit in the good of the nation. 85% choose it for profit, 15% for service. Q: Why did you choose this career path? A: When I was in 10th standard, there was party named ‘Navnirman‘. I was very much inspired and motivated by their work during that time; this is how my political career began.

Q: How is politics as a career? A: Its bright career option, nowadays these political parties are more selective regarding the admission of new members. They take the academic and personal qualifications of the applicant into serious consideration. Q: How’s is politics different form the usual career options like MBA and Medical? A: In today’s time everything from medical practice to education is commercialized, it’s taken as a business, not service similarly politics is also commercialized but I joined this field to serve. Q: What steps do you take to promote politics amongst the youth? A: The youth’s today are flawed.

They smoke, they drink and some are even addicted to drugs. First we have to purity them, teach them about our culture, tradition and society. Only then they will be fit to join politics. Q: What according to you is an ideal youth? A: An ideal youth is one who can think for himself . who can understand what is good for the country and what is not. And would only vote for the person who is found to be the best candidate for the development of the nation. Q: Are any of your family members involved in politics, other than yourself? A: My own son was a part of student politics, but he didn’t like as a career. So I allowed him to withdraw.

Interview: ParthivRaj Sinh Kathwadiya, President West Ahmadabad Youth Congress, Senate Member, Gujarat University. Q: How is politics today according to you? A: Right now picture is very blurred. People are not following ideology, using politics for personal interest and not for service of the society, state and nation. As a big fight is going on between secular and fundamental groups, some politicians are misusing media and other mediums of communication for fake publicity or money. Q: What is your role in politics? A: I am doing the part of Congress party. Our Ideals are nationalism, secularism and welfare of the society.

We want to make our country supreme. Q: Should politics be considered a career or not? A: Politics must not be career but a service to the society. Politics should be growth of nation. The basic necessity Roti, Kapda, Makan, and Education, health, unemployment and poverty should be the focus of every politician, whomsoever party they belong to. Q: What changes youth can bring to politics? A: Involvement of youth is very necessity of the nation building. Young people bring changes in politics with new ideas, innovative ideas, proper but right direction and in every sector of the nation.

Youth is the real power of nation. Youth is power of nation and direction less youth can be dangerous for any nation. We have seen every revolution began with the youth. Every change brought by youth. I am sure if they will involve they will take nation to the top. Q: Which politicians are you inspired by? A: I am inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s simplicity and secularism, Sardar Patel’s strength to make decisions, the vision of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi’s decision to nationalize the banks and Rahul Gandhi’s new ideas and transformation of the youths. Q: Why did you join politics?

A: I studied and grew up in a Gandhian atmosphere. So, when the riots 2002 happened I was shaken and decided to do something for the country. I wanted to guide the youths of the nation in the direction. That’s why I am in this field. Q: What steps do you take to motivate youths to join politics? A: We go to various colleges and talk to the students about politics. We also promote the youth politics on social media. We also provide them with membership cards. Surveys Questionnaire for the survey of students of political science: What would you say about the current situation of politics?

What is the importance of youths in politics? Do you see politics as a career? Why or Why not? If the entire government would consist of youth leaders, how different would it be from the government today? Whom would you prefer as a P. M. and President, a youth or someone with experience? Analysis Only 10% of the students of political science were actually interested in joining politics. Their vision of the field is that of a dark, dirty alley. Most prefer to keep away from it and those interested in the field think that the youths, like a battalion of angels would sweep the alley bright and clean.

The students believed that the youths can bring rationality and education to the field to make it better. On the other hand they find the current university youth leaders to be megalomaniacs. Nine out of ten students considered politics to be a viable career, but they wouldn’t choose it for themselves. They see politics as a field for patriots and for those in pursuit of power. While all but two of the students were positive about the involvement of youths in politics, they all preferred that the head of the parliament and the head of the state to be someone with experience.

Questionnaire for students not involved in politics: Would you want to join politics? What change would you bring in politics? Would you prefer young prime minister or experience prime minister? Do you find politics to be a promising field? Which youth party would you like to join? ABVP or NSUI? Why? Analysis 70% of the students were ready to join politics but only because they could make money. Rest were not interested. All of the students wanted experience prime minister because they believe that in this field and in this position are should be well aware of all aspects. The students idolize U.

S. A. and U. K. as a perfect nations and want to transform INDIA same as U. S. A. and U. K. This shows that they take politics and development very lightly. 60% wanted to join ABVP as its supported by BJP and rest 40% wanted to join NSUI. They do not consider ABVP and NSUI as individual organization, but as a subset of CONGRESS and BJP. The students do not consider politics as a serious career option. They take it as a joke, not thinking about the efforts of the field they only see politics as a source of making black money. Questionnaire for students involved in politics:

How is politics today according to you? What is your role in politics? Should politics be considered a career or not? What changes youth can bring to politics? What steps do you take to motivate youths to join politics? Analysis All of the subjects believe that the political condition today is too complicated. They find that there is too much corruption and selfishness in the field. They said that they were supportive of the youth joining politics and would in their power to motivate new members for their party. Their own aim was to become good and non-corrupt politicians.

The central task of these people was to work at college level. They were also working to recruit new youths. These people didn’t have much knowledge about the parliamentary politics and about the working of the party at that level. They are working just to fulfil their basic needs and for popularity. Most of these youth politicians have family background in politics itself, the families of the rest are not supportive to them about working as a politician. Questionnaire for Parents: Do you see politics as a career? What do you think about politics today? Are youths necessary in politics?

Would you want your children to join politics? Why not? Analysis 75% of the parents don’t see politics or a career. Most the parents held negative opinion regarding politics. They find it to be corrupt and sinister only 2 parents find politicians to be working for the progress of the nations. Parents find it necessary for the youths to join politics as there are too many elderly politicians. They were against their own children being in politics. All would prefer other fields because they are more economically reliable according to them there is less. Salary in politics and more black money.