Indian independence movement

How important were the religious reforms of Shah waliullah? – role in the political and religious context of the time What influence did Syed Ahmad Barelvi exert in the revival of islam? – Revival of Islam in the sub-continent How influential was Haji shariatullah and the faraizi movement? – The Jihad movement and the mujahideen. How far was Aurangzeb responsible for the decline of the mughal empire? What role did the East India Company play in the decline of the empire? How successful was the british expansion in the sub-continent to 1857?

Impacts of Aurangzeb’s policies on the stability of the mughal empire Effectiveness of his successors as rulers Problems of controlling the empire The rise of the Marathas and Sikh empires What were Sir Syed Ahmad khan’s contributions to education, politics and religion? How important was his two nation theory? What was the hindi-urdu controversy? How successful was the Aligarh movement?? Why did urdu become the national language How successful has the promotion of regional languages been since 1947?

Importance of Urdu and the reasons for its choice as the national language of Pakistan The advantages and disadvantages of Urdu as the national language Promotion of provincial languages – Balochi, punjabi, pashto, sindhi How far did the Pakistan Movement develop during the early 20th century? Partition of Bengal controversy 1905-1911 Simla Deputation 1906 Reasons for establishments of the Muslim League- the creation in 1906 and its aims Morley-minto reforms in 1909 Congress and the lucknow pact 1916 The Rowlatt act 1918 The Amritsar Massacre 1919.

The montagu-Chelmsford reforms (goverment of india act) 1919 What were the origins, aims and main features of the khilafat movement? Why did the Khilafat movement fail? Reasons for the rise of the movement Objectives of Khilafat conference 1918 The causes, course and reasons for the failure of the Hijrat movement Impact of the khilafat and Hijrat movements on Musilms in the sub continent Why did Jinnah produce his 14 points of 1929? How successful were the three round table conferences 1920-23? How inportant was the Goverement of India act, 1935? Why was the congress rule (1937-39) unpopular with many muslims?

Simon commision 1927-1930 The nehru report 1928 Jinnah’s fourteen points 1929 Allama Iqbal’s Allahabad Address 1930 Round table conferences 1930-32 Communal award of 1932 Chaudri rehmat ali and the pakistan national movement 1933 Goverment of india act 1935 1937 elections and their significance to the muslim league and congress Day of deliverance 1939 Second world war 1939-45 in relation to india and the Quit india movement Pakistan resolution 1940 Cripps mission 1942 Gandhi-Jinnah talks 1944 Lord Wavell and the Simla conference 1945 Cabinet mission plan 1946 Direct action day 1946 Radcliffe commission and award 1947.