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AbstractIn a researched proposal, it addresses a particular project academic or scientific research. A research proposal contains extensive literature reviews and must offer convincing support of need for the research being proposed. Thus, this why a proposal is written, it is a scheme from a sellers to a prospective customer. Overall the main purpose is to fulfill the requirements of a client, which I will explain how General Motors will address throughout this proposal. Overview Section

In my proposal the researched goals are to understand what makes General Motors successful. We will do this by making a stronger commitment to our customers (We hear you loud and clear), our employees, and partners. I will address the steps we will take in fulfilling our obligations below: Customers

In making a stronger commitment to our customers, General Motors will make more fuel-efficient vehicles by building vehicles that get 30 mpg or more. We will produce a pug in vehicle by the name of the Chevrolet Volt, which will show our consumers and potential consumers we are innovative.

The Chevy Volt, with its core technology that will drive a higher volume for electrification of automobiles and we also will be expanding our selling to China and Australia, giving our competitors something to scratch their heads about. Additionally, we want to deliver best quality vehicles and this is a major cornerstone of true commitment to our valued customers.

Therefore, having a relationship with customers is essential; we strive to create passionate brand of supporters, who cherish their vehicles. We want them to openly tell other of their experience with our innovative vehicles. In addition, being innovative, we know this is something we must do! We challenge us to become more innovative and that ensures we will lead in everything we do! This extends to implementing the smallest improvements to execute bigger ideals. We are constantly increasing our competitive advantage to delight and excite our customers. Employees

In making a stronger commitment to our employees, we understand Safety and Quality comes first. Safety is and always be a priority here at GM. Emphasizes will be concentrated on our safety first culture, in our facilities, and with the growth of our businesses in new markets. We will offer incentives to our employees for working safely and productively, such incentive a paid one day off, gift cards, and discounts off vehicles. We will make sure that our employee’s practice our new safety philosophy which is safety is at the heart of development of each one of our vehicles. Partners

In making a stronger commitment to our partners, we understand creating lifelong partners that we want here at GM, we take nothing for granted in our efforts are to earn the confidences and loyalty of our partners. We listen to partners to ensure we meet all their needs, and are connecting with them on their terms.

General Motors business problemsCurrently, the business problems General Motors is having is financial, speculated by a few business experts, who have confidence in the company being able to continue in its present form even though it filed bankruptcy in 2006 (Taylor, J, 2013). There are numerous business problems the company is facing, but I will only speak of one which is legacy costs, it’s the caring for General Motor’s retired and injured employees.

The union United Auto Worker, have negotiated regularly nice wages, pensions and health care, which protect their member. The profit margin in booming times on automobiles could include buffers to cover the ongoing costs of payments to retirees, hence the financial problem, can’t pay what they agreed. In contrast to foreign competitors and newcomers to auto industry do not have the same problems with their profits. This has forced cash trapped buyers to turn to more affordable cars. General Motors Competition

According to General Motor’s Strategic Analysis, the key competitors GM, who’s domestic, are: Daimler/Chrysler, Ford Motor and who are foreign are: Toyota Motor and Honda Motor (Thomas, C, n.d.). In explanation of why they are competitors Daimler Chrysler placed itself as an industry leader, since, it manufactures brands such as: Dodge, Mercedes Benz, and Jeep. As for Ford Motor Company, two vital businesses are automotive and financial services. Ford has concentrated on reducing cost to raise margins further than its competitors.

Thus, Honda Motor Company, it has reliable confident reputation for producing high quality products from cars to motorcycles. Toyota Motor Company has three major brands Toyota, Lexus, and Scion these let Toyota reach many sectors of the globe in a choice of vehicle for the customers. Concluding why General Motors is the leader of its competitors, it manufactures more brands than its competitors, these brands are: Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, Daewoo, Opel, and Holden. It’s to no wonder why our economy rested on GM success. (Thomas, C, n.d.) Population Sample

In my population sample for customer attitudes and behaviors, I will use cluster sampling in the selection of how I will gather this information needed. I know as the researcher that population that will be under scrutiny is those ethnicities that do the most purchasing, sadly but true its minorities. According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey that was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, minorities spend up to 30% more than that of whites who have comparable incomes (, 2013). Their age would range from 35-64 years old.

I will you this age because consumers are spending at 63% (, 2013), now for determining how they will feel about company products and services. As I understand population sample is a process through a group of representative individuals are select from the population for the sole purpose of statistical analysis. I know my population sample must be done correctly, since if errors occur, my data will be misleading or invalid. Steps in the research process

In identifying the steps in the research process, my first step would be to identify and develop my research topic. I can do so by, stating what I want to research. Second step: find background information on the subject, utilizing internet as resource for gathering information.

Third Step: usage of books and media, I will use guided keyword searches to find material by topic or subject, and writing down in both steps 2 and 3 my sources. Fourth Step: search periodical articles, this will be to find citations to articles. Fifth Step: evaluate what I found, critically analyzing information sources. Sixth Step: cite what I found using standard form, just giving credit where credit is due. (2013) Issues in Labor Statistics: US Department of Labor of Labor Statics Summary 00-16 August 2000: Spending Patterns by Age Retrieved from Thomas, C (n.d.) General Motor’s Strategic Analysis Retrieved from Taylor, J (2013) GM Financial Problems Retrieved from