Improving the Education System in the United States

Education is the key to success. Having a good education allows people to be offered different opportunities throughout life. People with a high level of education tend to do better. People with a lower quality of education do not do as well as people who receive their masters and/or doctorate degrees. Education is different for all people depending on the cities they live in. People who live in suburban areas are exposed to a not necessarily better education but one of higher quality. Students who attend school in urban areas face problems such as standardized testing and funding issues. The United States as a whole has many tribulations when it comes to education that needs to be improved. There are many policies that could be suggested for improving the education system in the United States.

Policies such as ‘Race to the Top’ and ‘No Child left Behind’ can help to improve the education system; however they should be implemented with minor tweaks. These policies were brought about because of the education problems in the United States. ‘Race to the Top’ is a program where schools K-12 are in competition to innovate and reform their schools. Schools that meet all the criteria are awarded money from the federal funding. ‘No Child Left Behind’ is a program which was designed to encourage student achievement and hold schools accountable for students’ progress. Both programs are funded federally and have a specific criterion that needs to be met in order to be successful.

They are expected to teach students in way that proves they are learning while they are in school all day, they are expected to provide with the best educators and improve standardized testing scores. Sometimes it seems as if these policies do not reach all of America. These programs are designed for poor students or schools that are display that students have a number of problems when it comes to education such as learning disorders and learning restrictions. The full implementation of these programs to every school regards to whether it is doing well or not should be enforced to improve the education system in the United States.

There is always room for improvement so policies as ‘No Child Left Behind’ and ‘Race to the Top’ should be available to every student in America in grade K-12 and not just school districts with low test scores. Every child deserves a good education therefore, in order to improve education in America as a whole these programs should have less restrictions when it comes to which school districts can and cannot participate. Compensation for teaching is a vital part of improving the education system. If you want good quality, you need to pay more for it. Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. Compensation should show all the effort and hard work that teachers put into their profession. Most people, who are educators, did so because they want to be a change in someone’s life and wanted to be a help.

There are many teachers that really care about their jobs and it shows in the interactions with students and through their students test scores, reading levels and math levels. Monies the teacher is paid should reflect his/her teaching performance. Many teachers are tenured, or are paid by the quality of their education. These meaning educators whom have a doctorate degree are paid more than teachers that have a master’s degree. Those whom have been teaching for a long time are paid more than those who are just starting in the profession.

Teachers are among the most influential people a student will ever encounter. They are the ones whom are there instructing them on everything from their alphabet to counting to one million. Teachers instruct students on different subjects inside and outside of the classroom. Some educators are better at their jobs than others. Some actually have a passion to want to influence, reach and teach the student they are being paid to teach. The amount of money teachers are paid should be calculated according to the percentage of students whom are passing and excelling in their classes. This may seem a little unfair but passing, performing up to par and retaining the knowledge is important for students to be successful. It is partially the teacher’s responsibility to aid in the success of the student. Paying teachers more will improve the education system by making the teacher want to be a teacher.

Teachers are not paid ‘enough’ money until after they have been on their job for a number of years. If you bring teachers in making a decent salary then there is a possibility that they will be more enthusiastic about teaching and do a better job. There is no point in even having an education system, if you do not have great teachers. Teachers are the backbone of the education system and should be paid like they do matter. Moreover, it is difficult to learn when there are too many students in the classroom. Countless students need one on one time with the teacher to ensure that they actually understand the information. Classrooms in most public schools are overcrowded with students. Teachers experience turmoil and difficulty when trying to teach because of the large class sizes.