Importance of Law

1. Importance of Law in my Life

We all know that law is very important in the society. It is a must in order for a society to be peaceful and problem-free. Law is a man-made therefore it is in you if you will follow it or not. If you do not follow the law, it doesn’t mean you will die, so nature has nothing to do on the laws of man. The law is something that the human has created to modulate the society by introducing. Fairness and equality that is set by courts and governments and is applied to everyone within their jurisdiction.

The law can give protection to the victims and will punish those who have done unlawful actions. You don’t have any option where you can choose from, if you disobey, then, you have to face the consequences. If a society won’t have a system of law on it that will control how the people operates their lives, then there would not be a society to live in. people will be able to make decisions that will solely be based on their principles, then they would be able to do crimes if they want to, steal, murder, damage, bully, rape, trespass, and even terrorize what and whom when they wanted want to, and nothing would be done about it at all.

Therefore, it will be a disaster if not possible if people in a society will do actions that is solely base on their principles. If there won’t be law, nothing will stop the people on doing things that they want, with that, they will be free to do revenge and it will be vice-versa for they know that they could totally get away unto anything they do, even if it is bad and unlawful. Eventually, the society will be full of crimes, murders and illegal actions.

If there won’t be no rules in a society, then even a simple waste disposal will be a big problem that could affect the whole world. If not done properly, it may lead to diseases that can kill the human race. The supply of water could also be affected if there were no rules. No one will work to maintain the cleanliness of it for they may turn unto doing things that may give money more easy even though it is not right at all. No one will cure us when we were ill and help us in times of trouble. In the end, each of the people will find their own ways to live and survive, it’ll be like a war zone.

2. Importance of Law in the Society

There are different categories of law, each with its own priorities. But by and large, law is there to maintain the status quo, to protect property, vested rights, and established relationships. Law is the skeleton of our society, it controls what we do, when we do it and how we do it. If we choose to break this law then we are punished. An ordered society can not exist without some sort of legal system, even if it is just one simple rule.

If there was no system of law to control how people operate their lives then there would not be a society to live in. People would be free to make decisions based solely on their principles, they would be free to steal, murder, damage, rape, trespass and terrorise what or whom ever they wanted when it suited them, and nothing would be done about. Therefore it would be disastrous if not impossible to base a society solely on such principles.

If people knew they would not be punished for their actions then nothing would stop them for filling whatever they wished to do. People would in turn, look for revenge and the cycle would continue because they knew that they could get away with absolutely anything they deemed possible. Eventually there would be no society left for a system of law to control. If there were no rules for people to live by then even the simplest thing, like disposing of waste could effect the entire world. If this is not done properly then diseases could spread and eventually wipe out the human race.

3. “Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse”

I agree with the legal principle “Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.” I believe that this principle should be respected except in two special situations. In my opinion people have a certain responsibility to know and obey the laws which their representatives have made. In other words knowing the laws that involve you is part of your responsibility as a citizen.