The Importance of Forensics in Crime Scene Investigation

Whenever forensics is mentioned, one might think of crime scenes, investigators, CSI, fingerprint data collection, DNA tests and other forensic techniques. Forensics is actually short for forensic science. One cannot deny that with organized crime comes much need for forensic scientists and police investigators to use forensic technology. As criminals are becoming slicker and crimes are becoming harder to solve, forensic technology must also be updated to keep with crime technology.

Without forensic technology, investigators cannot come up with useful evidence to pinpoint a suspect unless of course the crime was not done in a discreet manner. Criminals may think that they may have gotten away with a crime that they committed thinking that they left the crime scene clean but they may soon find the authorities on their tail thanks to forensic science (What Is Forensics? ) According to former chair of the Department of Pathology Dr. Cycil Wecht, forensic pathology is important particularly in criminal investigations.

Dr. Wecht cited many popular cases wherein forensic have played a vital role such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the death of Elvis Presley and the trial of O. J. Simpson. There has been much concern regarding what really happened during the Kennedy assassination because the autopsy was done by men without enough knowledge. Likewise, it was discovered that there were four lethal anti-depressant found in Elvis Presley’s system but it was not made public in order to protect the image of Presley.

On the other hand, the Simpson case, there were “forty-one procedural and substantial errors”. Wecht is extremely knowledgeable of these cases because he is talking from experience as he is involved in the controversial cases mentioned (Keough). Forensics may seem appear too good to be true but it is an available technology. From what would seem a hopeless case would come out a suspect because of forensic evidence. One may think but it only happens in the movies but it happens in real life.

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