Implication of having business

In doing so, they suffered from the consequences of losing one of the vital parts of their traditions and their cultural realization such as the importance of their territories where at some point, will have a value larger than they expected to have. But since they had no choice but to follow the wants and decision of the upper and the more powerful sector, they remained silent in this endeavors.

One of the most salient effects that can be drawn out from the imagery of having this tradition as part of their cultural sector could have been the greatest effect of sending some influences to the land where they are expected to have their own power stature and when this came into their realization, then, there could have been a severe breakdown of ideologies and irrelevant scenarios.

Like what happened in Asian Countries where they incorporated and agreed to the terms that they knew at the first place will not benefit them as the prior rightful owner of their lands but the notion of having this as being the central part of their core beliefs and values had been seen to have great effects on their relation with other institution, internally and externally. (Glenn, 2004) If this imbalance can not be put in the end of doing things as they should have to, then the power of influencing and making certain territories under their control and commands are easier for them to execute.

But since they were limited to certain extent as to what they should have done to certain scenarios, the major fulfilling of the Asian unequal treaties could be related into the powerful extracts of historical imagination and undermining of their strength as a powerful country too. But, for some reasons, there had been certain problems arising to the sudden change of the society. The Asia had been a long victim of their own choice of being in a group and in a deal wherein they had only one option.

To approve the proposal but suffer from the consequences of it, or do not accept the proposal and suffer from it also. But the unequal treaties had been a concept passed to us from the western civilization as they try to prove their power to us. I stopped here because I am approaching the word limit. I based all my assumption on your notes and on your readings provided. Since this is an exam, citation is needed but because it is purely based on my understanding, there is an agreement that whatever concepts that I will use that is already cited on the book can remain uncited.

I hope for your future endeavors. The first question focused on the invention of the English law as it was said to have been developed by their own due to their geographical relation. The second is the historical background of Germany and Italy and the implication of having business related circle in determining the future of the society, The last is about the asian countries dealing with the western countries with their unequal treaty. Its effect and implications to different sectors have been looked up.