Impeachment of Bill Clinton

The impeachment of Richard Nixon was a direct result of the Watergate Scandal. But even before Watergate there were already issues that were discussed in hushed tones with regards to the hard-nosed tactics used by Nixon and his supporters in order to gain leverage. it is very clear that the supporters of Nixon – especially the people who work under him – wanted to ensure a second term for the the President. A group of Nixon supporters were actively spying against perceived enemies of Nixon. They were gathering information that could be used against the administration's known enemies.

And after the illegal activities were discovered the White House went on a series of cover-ups. In the most controversial political event since the Civil War the nation stood transfixed as they followed the trail of evidence. “Two young reporters from the Washington Post, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, then began a dogged pursuit of the facts surrounding the break-in. Among the many items revealed by them – one of the Watergate burglars, retired CIA employee James McCord, was actually the security coordinator for Nixon's re-election committee…

” (see History Place, 2007). After the burglary attempt, the White House denied knowing the perpetrators and also made an emphatic announcement that they had no idea that headquarters of the Democratic party will be burglarized. But during the trial of the burglars, James McCord wrote a letter to a U. S. District Court Judge that high Republican officials had known in advance regarding the plan to steal sensitive information from the enemy's camp (McDuffie, Piggrem, & Woodworth, 2006, p. 347).

Aside from problem with the burglary, illegal wiretapping, and all other dirty tactics, Nixon was in trouble with tax evasion and misuse of campaign contributions. Nixon could no longer endure the pressure both from within and without. His political party could no longer support him and he must go. The most crucial piece of evidence, the straw that broke the camel’s back was a tape recorded one week after the break-in at Watergate. For a considerable amount of time Nixon refused to hand over the tape to the special prosecutor.

When finally Nixon reluctantly agreed to the release of the tapes, investigators then learned that a few days after Watergate, Nixon was using the CIA to prevent the FBI from investigating the case. Thus, Richard Nixon decided to step down from office. He was the first American president who was forced out of office. If Andrew Johnson's case is different from the Richard Nixon, then Bill Clinton's impeachment case is also unique in itself. Bill Clinton's impeachment did not come from a political blunder or a crime such as breaking and entering. Clinton underwent impeachment proceeding because of a moral issue.

Bill Clinton was on trial for “… morally reprehensible and politically reckless behavior” in having intimate relationship with a 22-year old female White House intern named Monica Lewinsky (Kaplan & Moran, 2001, p. 23). But Clinton was not under impeachment because he had sexual relations with Lewinsky, he was being impeached because he lied under oath. In fact he lied repeatedly to everyone. There are also others who would like to contend that what he did with Lewinsky was plain and simple sexual harassment and there is a law against such behavior.

In the end the public and most of the politicians involved could not decide on removing the President out of the White House. Sure, many believe that what he did was wrong but there are more important issues. The fate of the U. S. government hang in the balance. Many are looking at the big picture and the overall effect of impeachment in the long run. At the end many decided that it is better for Clinton to stay even if his conduct was unbecoming of a U. S. president. Politically Motivated Every case was politically motivated. It has to be in order for impeachment to proceed.

There is somebody else eagerly wanting to replace the incumbent president. But the most politically motivated of all is that of Andrew Johnson. Based on current laws and standards Andrew Johnson did not do anything wrong. The same could not be said of Nixon and Clinton who are both guilty of perjury among other things. Clinton's case comes in second because there was no political blunder or criminal acts that were committed. There are many who believed that the nation or the presidency is not seriously affected by the immorality of the president.

Others would disagree with this pronouncement and will argue no doubt that if the there is something wrong with the fruit then there is something fundamentally wrong within the source. фmeans that if Clinton is capable of lying to the whole world, lied under oath and expects to get away with it then it give an idea as to how far he is willing to go in order to get what he wants even if it is for selfish interests. It must be reiterated that the presidency or the U. S. government was not established so that a few people can do whatever they want to do.

Still, the political leadership of Clinton – not his moral leadership – was considered as the most important. Most Serious Without a doubt, Nixon's case was the most serious. Nixon’s actions and those of his supporters are indicative of a government ruled by a despot. This is unacceptable in a government established to serve the people. There is no excuse for violating the rights of others in the name of politics and government service. The supporters of Nixon were blinded by their ambition and their desire to please the president.ф