Impeachment Bush

In view of new developments within the political and diplomatic domains of the United States of America, there is very likelihood that Bush is not to escape the impeachment. Arguing about the question whether current president of the USA should be banished from his position, we are to weigh all positives and negatives as for his being in office. What we are obliged to say is that although most of Bush’s accomplishments are with negative mark (will be presented further within the paper) we should not omit the following aspects.

First of all is economic growth; the economy is growing faster than in any other major industrialized economy. “Unemployment has declined to five percent, the lowest it has been since September 11th and lower than the average of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Consumer confidence is high” (http://whitehouse. gov, August 3, 2005). Inflation remains low. The Federal deficit is anticipated to be $94 billion less than previously expected, and the government is ahead of pace to reach President Bush's objective of cutting the deficit in half by 2009.

President Bush also has signed CAFTA agreement to level the playing field for U. S. workers and create new markets for American goods. By means of CAFTA, the United States is supposed to maintain stability and prosperity within the region. President Bush signed The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act Of 2005 in order to improve health care by reducing medical errors. It establishes a voluntary system to report health care errors. His efforts may be traced within tax system and the President believes the American people deserve a tax code that is simple, fair, and easy to understand.

That is why President Bush has called on Congress to make his tax relief permanent, repeal the death tax, and reform the tax code. The social sphere also was not left behind US president’s attention. Bush has made Social Security reform a main concern of his second term, thus no American who works his or her entire life will have to retire into poverty (http://whitehouse. gov, August 3, 2005). “President Bush Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The President has called for a comprehensive, integrated approach to reform our current immigration system.

This would strengthen border security to ensure legal entry, build a robust interior enforcement program to ensure compliance with the law, and fill an economic need for willing workers through a temporary worker program” (http://whitehouse. gov, August 3, 2005). “In 2002, Bush had the highest approval rating of any president during a midterm congressional election since Dwight Eisenhower”. (wikipedia, n. d. ). However, the situation has changed radically. Unfortunately, although all these successes are very appealing and attractive there are still so many of others that blot out the very thought about Bush’s success as a president.

Being the president, he attacked two countries. Bush is the first president in decades to execute a federal prisoner and the first president in US history to enter office with a criminal record. He appointed more convicted criminals to administration positions than any president in US history. Analysing Bush’s presidency we see that he signed more laws and executive orders amending the Constitution than any president in US history. He also is the first president in US history to order a US attack and military occupation of a sovereign nation and to have the United Nations remove the US from the human rights commission.

He also hazarded to attack a sovereign nation against the will of the United Nations and the world community. But the most severe accusation is Bush’s lies. He clearly stated before the war that one of the main reasons for going to war against Iraq was to free the world of “evil” and to stop Iraq before they used their “weapons of mass destructions”. More than a year later, we could clearly see that there wasn't any weapons of mass destructions available or being developed by the Iraqi people. The only reason that George W. Bush went to that war was to settle unfinished business between Sadaam Hussein and his dad.

All that he did was make us look stupid in front of the world, by deciding to go to war on our own with little or absence of support from other countries. He also is the reason for the killing of all the innocent Iraqi civilians and the death of the many US soldiers (Abdel Zakaria, n. d. ). George W. Bush has turned to be a pathological liar. Bush's lies were used as a justification for initiation an invasion and occupation of Iraq which has killed hundreds of people and cost the U. S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. This money would had better spent on health, education and unemployment benefits for the workers.

Bush's lies amount to a “high crime” under the U. S. Constitution and justify impeachment and his removal from presidential office. It is necessary to say that not only Bush is blamed by the wide public. In the run-up to the attack on Iraq Vice-President Dick Cheney claimed that Iraq had reconstituted its nuclear program and had recently endeavoured to purchase uranium, even though he knew that this was false information. He claimed that the Iraqis would welcome the American soldiers as liberators. Therefore, for his lies as well as his coarse flaws of judgment Cheney also should be impeached and removed from office (Impeach Bush now!

n. d. ). Worse than a crime, it was a blunder. We see such blunders during almost all the period of Bush’s presidency. The same may be said of President George Bush's attempts to murder the leader of a sovereign nation, Saddam Hussein, and his imprudent enthusiasm to invade Iraq (Eric Margolis, n. d. ). As the Article 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America says the President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanours.

Thus, President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, Secretary of Defence Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Attorney General John David Ashcroft have committed violations and subversions of the Constitution of the United States of America in an attempt to carry out with impunity crimes against peace and humanity as well as war crimes and violation of the civil rights of the people of the United States and other nations, by assuming powers of an imperial executive. Summarizing it is important to represent main key points that serve as a proof of the fact that Bush should be impeached.

He seized power to wage wars of aggression violating the U. S. Constitution, the U. N. Charter and the rule of law. Bush carried out an assault on a country that was not threatening the USA; lied to the American people, to Congress, and also to the UN, providing false and deceptive motivations for war; he was making and ignoring false propaganda about the conduct of foreign governments. Bush and his Government concealed information vital to public, especially the facts concerning 9/11 tragedy.

Bush is blamed for declining to provide public revelation of the individuals and locations of persons who have been arrested, detained and imprisoned by the US government in the United States, including in response to Congressional inquiry. These above said accusations are somehow applicable to the following “The Bush administration took criticism for the response to the leak of secret CIA prisons in Thailand, Afghanistan and several democracies in Eastern Europe, as well as a small center at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

Republican Senator Lindsey O. Graham accused the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of shifting the focus of investigations from why these illegal prisons exist to how information of them was leaked to the public. Major newspapers also noted that Vice President Dick Cheney has urged Republican senators to allow CIA counterterrorism operations internationally to be exempt from the ban on mistreatment of prisoners” (wikipedia, n. d. ).

And one of the most serious blunders is violation of the Charter of the United Nations and international law in an endeavour to commit crimes against peace and humanity and war crimes in threats of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq (Impeach Bush now! n. d. ). “Certainly, if the U. S. House of Representatives can impeach President Clinton for sex and lying about sex, then a fortiori the House can, should, and must impeach President Bush Jr. for war, lying about war, and threatening more wars” (Francis A.Boyle, July25, 2003).


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