Impact of Illegal Immigrant Workers on U.S. Economy

The presence of illegal immigrants has always remained an issue for Governments around the globe. This has been more of an issue for the developed countries where people go for their economic betterment and development. This is especially true for the U. S that represents the ultimate American dream to innumerable people around the world. Thus, the problem of illegal immigrants is very much present in the United States because many people who cannot access this land legally try to find and act on ways that are illegal.

These immigrants could be both an advantage and a disadvantage for the economy of United States. They support the economy on one hand as they constitute the main labor class and it would not be an over-estimation if we say that they are the real backbone of the economy. However, on the other hand they are in fact ‘illegal’ and put more strain on the existing resources that are already facing depletion. Besides, some sociologists and people claim that immigrants are often involved in crimes and therefore, they are a bane.

We will look at all of these assumptions and questions in the following paragraphs and then find out whether illegal immigrants are a bane or boon for the U. S economy. Research Section Here we would discuss the various points to support or counter the fact and find out whether the workers are beneficial or otherwise to the U. S economy. Firstly, we will discuss the advantages of illegal immigrants. The illegal workers are said to constitute the bulk of the workforce in America. “About 85. 5 of every 100 new workers are new immigrants in this decade”. (http://money.

cnn. com/2006/05/01/news/economy/immigration_economy/index. htm) They provide cheap and efficient labor and it is impossible for some huge companies and corporations in the United States to survive without their help. It is because of the fact that they help to reduce the production costs and therefore, businesses are able to cut down on costs and subsequently, increase their profits. According to creation economists, immigration is really significant and the economy of united stated of America will collapse if there is a noteworthy cut in the number of immigrants.

Immigration is critical because it helps the economy of the United States of America to grow without the problems of inflationary pressures. Thus, economy could rapidly flourish and there would be no fear of inflation because of the increased economic growth. Thus, the Government would not have to introduce the measures to curtail economic growth which it would in normal circumstances so that inflation does not rise in the economy.

Many people are against the immigrants in the way that they cut the wage rate for the native workers as well and that they are not able to find jobs and sustain their families. This view and assumption is completely wrong because as the immigrant workers supply their labor for jobs that require low skills, it creates more demand for jobs of a more complex nature that require higher skills. These jobs are highly paid and this way, the native and domestic workers do not lose out.