Impact of an Immigrant Workforce to the American Economy?

In the article Rush for the Border(Fund,2005), President George Bush emphasize his plan make life difficult for illegal aliens. As a backgrounder, The United States had just been shaken by the September eleven twin tower attacks. Included here was the attack on the White House itself. The planes were purportedly hijacked by foreigners who enrolled in the United States to study how to drive a plane. Mr Limbaugh had warned President George Bush that if he continued to pursue his plan to increase the border patrols around the United States.

This  had hurt the feeling of the Mexican president and many American Citizens with Mexican blood. Mexican President Luis Ernest Derbez stated that his country would appeal to the International courts if the United States strictly prohibits giving welfare benefits to illegal aliens. President Derbez felt that this could literally lead to  discrimination based on ethnic profile. In fact, George Bush’s law  was voted on exit poll has barely passed with an approval rating of only fifty six percent. Body: Immigration Workforce in the American Economy

In the magazine article  Why Guest Worker Programs Don’t Work The United States has agreed to hire Mexican tobacco pickers from the Mexican state of Nayarit. The United States Department of Labor has approved the request of the North Carolina Growers’ Association to hire the Mexican tobacco leaf pickers during the summer months. These Mexicans are first required to see videos on how to avoid being contaminated by the pesticides. Then , the Mexican will be required to cross back to their home country after the summer months.

The senate bill is founded on three principles. They are the legalization of illegal aliens, tighter border controls and the creation of a guest –worker program. This new category will have a quota of 200,000  two year visas which will be given annually. Sad to say, Stan Eury states that this system is failing. He explained that the number of workers had declined from ten thousand in the year 2000 to only six thousand four hundred in the year 2007. One of the causes is the geometric increase in the cost of wages, transportation, government fees and housing.

The main culprit is the unnecessary red tape. Another reason for the failure of the program is that many agents abusively take advantage of  the Mexican job applicants. The Mexicans are given  a hard time thereby discouraging them to pursue work in the United States. Furthermore,  The  United States had set up its own immigration policy  representing the  them "Southern California in the World and the World in Southern California". California had been advertised as the best place to migrate to in the United States.

These contemporary immigrants living in Los Angeles has served to remind us of the extensive US military, political and economic participation around the world. This US involvement has helped to spur massive US-bound migration. And, because immigrants continue to maintain their ties to their homelands, money they acquire and the lessons they learn about such things as government, economics, and basic human rights flow out from their home  region to countries around the world.

Furthermore, agricultural workers from Almeria, Spain requested the United States government to increase Spain quota from only one thousand one hundred fifteen to the higher five thousand six hundred. This was due to the fact that there was a labor shortage in Spain(Watts, 2005p. 81)  In fact, many farm applicants are being told to pay two thousand U. S. dollars to the agents just to land a job. Also, if the Senate plans to expand the guest worker program, then some of the money paid to the work agents will be funneled to gangs in Mexico. Also, many Mexicans have been killed while trying to cross the border to the United States.

And, many have been killed in the streets while inside the borders of the United States. In short, the Mexican Tobacco farmers are up against the wall of United States bureaucracy. To help, the United States senate has started to push through with a resolution that will decrease the number of papers that the Mexican tobacco workers need. Some people in the Democratic party have succeeded in cutting the quot a for guest worker programs to only two hundred thousand applicants. They fear this would cause a decrease in salaries to the other American Native workers.