Immoral Laws

To begin, there are quite a few laws that are legal yet immoral. For instance, abortion is always a very hot topic. In my opinion, it is extremely immoral. Although wrong to many people, it is necessary for some depending on their situation. Taking one’s life away before their birth is a very serious matter. I will not preach my believes since this forum is neither the time nor the place, but this is a perfect example of immoral yet law laws. You must look at it from two different points of view: First (and in only the most extreme of cases), you could have a thirteen year girl who may have been raped by a family member.

She becomes pregnant and, in her world, her life is ruined. Abortion would most likely be the main answer in her mind. Also, what if her parents agree? It only adds fuel to the fire. What can you do? The second point example could be a situation where a woman has a one-night stand and already has a daughter that she hardly takes total care of due to her negative lifestyle. She may barely know the identity of the father of the child. Her only reason for abortion is because she just does not want the baby to slow down her lifestyle. She later aborts the child.

Her decision is immoral in so many ways; it is not worth the argument. We see these problems in society every day. I am sure one of us has seen or even gone through this problem. As for the other question in this discussion, it is possible for a moral law to be illegal. For example, two Montgomery, Alabama, pro-life activists were arrested in late June just in front of an abortion clinic for trying to avoid a sprinkler that is used to spray pro-life speakers on the public sidewalk. Isn’t it moral for one to protest abortions? Yet, they were still arrested for interfering with the clinic’s practices.