Immigration Raids

The last and most harmful effect towards the increase in the number of illegal immigrants living in this country is one word: apathy. Apathy from the American government and not the American people is the real source of the cause. The Congress is enjoying its lowest approval ratings ever and when only 14% of the American people approve of the job that Congress is doing, it would behoove the members of Congress to look at each other and say why?

One of the reasons why illegal immigrants will attempt to cross the border again and again, even after being caught by the border patrol numerous times is simply because they can. There are only 2,000 agents on the Southern border; a border which is more than seven hundred miles long and in which there is little hope that any more than a small fraction of the total number of crossings a day be illegal immigrants is actually caught and turned away. This is not the fault of the border patrol.

They have in front of them a monumental job in which the safety of the American public is at stake. They are charged with fighting a house fire with a squirt gun. The fact that they are even there in the first place and risk being present at one of the more than 3500 assaults on the border patrol agents in the last year, while illegal drug smugglers receive special treatment, it is a wonder why anybody would want to subject themselves to such injustice in the first place. There have been exceptions of the American government taking action against illegal immigrants.

In April of 2007, a sting operation was set up and successfully stopped an underground operation which supplied more than 50,000 illegal identification cards; from fake drivers’ license to Social Security cards as well. In more than eight food service factories from the Tyson chicken factory, more than twenty three hundred illegal immigrants were caught illegally working in the United States and were deported. There are sporadic raids and even though they are not enough to even put a dent in the number of illegal immigrants who are working in this country, something is being done.

The term should be used lightly in this case. If the American government had made any effort at all to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into America over the last thirty years, the problem would not have been as great. Since 1968, it is estimated that there has been almost thirty million illegal immigrants come to this country. Less than 3%, once making a home in the country, has been sent back. If one is caught at the border, they are sent back. However, if the individual is fast enough and makes it to the country, then he or she is allowed to stay and is rewarded for being a better criminal.

This does not make sense. The second tear of the failed United States immigration debate is the fact that nothing is being done. This current body of members in Washington are being called, and correctly so, “The Do-Nothing Congress” and rightly so. Earlier this summer, after only a few days of debate on the floor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid killed the immigration bill and any hope of there being immigration reform until 2009 at the earliest.

How can this be? What other more pressing issue is there in the country today? Over 87% of the American people believe that immigration reform is needed. They may debate as to exactly what needs to be done but in a post 9/11 world, allowing anybody to come across our borders, regardless of their ability to work and support themselves and their children as well as respect the laws of the country and will not commit violent crimes in the country.

Due the fact that the American government has allowed the problem to become as severe as it already is, the fault lies at the doorstep of the United States Congress; unwanted and left by its real parents; the governments of mostly Latin American countries that make no attempt to help provide for its people, a standard of living that is comparable to what all human being deserve. As a result, illegal Americans come to this country and are not encouraged to learn English. As a result, their earning power is greatly compromised and if they even graduate high school, they can expect a lifetime of menial jobs with low pay.

This decrease the sales and property taxes which they will pay and at the same time, increase the funds which the American government will then pay out in the form of Social Security and welfare checks as well as other services which are used as a reward system for those who have broken the law. It would be nice to report that improvements can be expected. However, that is not the case. Politicians are too afraid to alienate their Hispanic base by enforcing the law and employers enjoy too much, the cheap labor which they are receiving by employing illegal aliens.

To do nothing is a win/win situation for all except the American people who through the decrease in available jobs, the volatility of Social Security and in the payment of more taxes which go to fund the social programs which help to support illegal immigrants, it is the hard working American public which is to suffer. Sadly, until those in Congress realize that their jobs are in jeopardy will anything be done. However, this will never occur if those who are affected adversely by such policies do not vote and do not make their displeasure known.

People may disagree as to what exactly needs to be done but as the polls and common sense tells us, something needs to be done. Congress: Are you listening?


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