Immigration Laws and Specialized Jobs Essay Sample

Major issue with regard to legislation and immigration and U. S. workforce is the concern by the economists that immigration is impacting specialized jobs for native-born citizens of the U. S. However, there is no one opinion that tells us which areas and which jobs are being affected by immigration. The major overlap, however, is present not in specialized jobs but low-wage jobs between native-born and immigrant workforce. In this connection, the legislation at present aims at bringing in more immigrants that can fill up vacant jobs to contribute to national growth.

However, it must be noted that segregation between native workers and immigrants in increasing by the day especially on the specialized jobs which is an alarming state and legislator must spotlight this fallacy.

The recent legislation that requires and appreciated employers for extensive search and location for workers around the world is highly significant in the present scenario. For high skilled jobs the problem is that the U. S. workforce is not appropriately nurtured due to sluggishly growing population, career changing attitude, particularly among African-Americans.

Thus, it is important that U. S. native-born prepare themselves for high-skilled jobs otherwise it will be out of the reach of legislation to safe their status because in the year 2001 jobs in information industries touched the peak of 3. 7 million workers. However, discrimination was noted in this vacuum filled time which is not positive for national growth. This current situation tells us that in any circumstances it is not possible for congress or general immigration legislation to make such policies as can restrain immigrants from entering U. S. borders (Spriggs, 2007).