Immigration: A Matter of Debates

The Dioner’s article “Both Sides of Immigration Need to Be Taken Seriously” confines thorough analysis and critical examination of costs and benefits of contemporary immigrants for American government. Actually, the article is significant because the problem of illegal immigrants touches nowadays not only the USA, but also most European countries. Furthermore, the question of costs and benefits is rather contradictive and thus is still under discussion. Apparently, the article contributes debates by providing original opinion on the problem. The article touches not only psychological impacts, but also material costs and needs.

(Dioner 2006) The main thesis of the article is that two opposite sides exists in the USA: those who deal with border security and thus oppose immigration and those who want to deal with security and to provide citizenship for most immigrants. Dioner cites President Bush, who argues that it would be better for the country to legalize immigrants and to transform them into taxpaying and rights-bearing citizens having their responsibilities as Native Americans; however, the advocates of more liberal policy say that the situation needs to be taken and considered more seriously. (Dioner 2006)

It is necessary to say that the author provides interesting and original comparisons throughout the article. For example, he says that immigration “has been a blessing to the United States”; at the same time he adds that “it is not an unmixed blessing and the costs of out immigration policies are borne more heavily by some parts of our society than other”. (Dioner 2006) Possibly he wants to say that native population is unaware that immigration may have certain benefits for the country. Dioner argues that immigration opponents mustn’t be dismissed, instead immigration proponents “need to deal with the legitimate gripes of their opponents”.

Certainly, the author means that they have to collaborate and to work out one common strategy how to deal with illegal immigration in the country. The article “Immigration Reform: Benefits & Liabilities” argues that “that illegal workers shouldn’t be ignored, but one only has to listen to the voices at booming construction sites to know that housing complexes are being built by them; they are also the ones who make hotel beds, change towels, provide landscaping and yard services and vacuum Corporate America”.

(Immigration Reform 2006) However, Dioner examines immigration costs as well. He mentions that annually, on average, the fiscal costs accounts $25,000. It means that the government has to pay billions of dollars on non-citizen’s health and education. Jennifer Wipf in the article “Impact of Immigration on Healthcare Costs” states that “border hospitals reported losses of almost $190 million in unreimbursed costs for treating illegal aliens in 2000, with another $113 million in ambulance fees and follow-up services”.

(Wipf 2006) Furthermore, the author asserts that the impact of illegal immigration on wages and working conditions for citizens is significant as well. According to the evidence provided, “at leas a small downward push on wages”. (Dioner 2006) Apparently, laws should be enforced to prevent further hiring of illegal immigrants, because native low-income workers are worrying about their job opportunities.

It is necessary to admit that author strongly criticizes the creating of a new class of “guest working” who will have no pathway to citizenship, because creating class with limited social rights would cut the rights of native workers. Actually, the article touches one of the most important issues nowadays and provides possible solutions. The article is logical, well-organized and smoothly flows. No weaknesses are seen in the article, because the author defines the problem, critically discusses it from opposite points of view and provides relevant recommendations.

The apparent strength of the article is that it presents opposite viewpoints and examines them critically stating what is considered appropriate and what isn’t. The article provides general overview of the problem rather than defendis only one side of immigration. Dioner 2006)

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