“I’m Gonna Give All My Secrets Away”

A secret can undoubtedly be considered an urban myth in today’s society. The very concept of keeping a secret has been forgotten. I believe that a lot of the blame can be directed at social media and its effects on confidentiality, as well as peoples grasp on reality. I think we forget how big of an effect our words can have, when they are so easily typed and uploaded for anyone and everyone to see. When I say I believe people have lost their grasp on reality, I simply mean that I think society has been numbed into a state where they do not realise the gravity of betraying another’s trust, because they do not feel the effects directly.

There is no more confrontation. Only a despairing BBM message or Wall Post. There are few consequences. What is a lost friend when you have seven hundred and sixty-nine others? With that being said, how do we even go about entrusting others with our personal secrets? When one takes the leap of faith, and entrusts another person with confidential information, they do it in full belief that they can trust that person. There is a bond formed. A shared burden, a shared joy, or even a shared fear.

No matter the content, that secret is an object of importance to the teller, and by entrusting another, they are reaching out. They are opening up, and allowing themselves to become vulnerable to an outsider. We hold with us a part of that person, and somehow, so effortlessly, we can destroy not only their trust in us, but their ability to trust in anyone. Without trust, how can any society hope to function peacefully? There is no hope for a relationship of any kind without trust, but how can we trust one another, with so many examples of treachery in any direction you cast your awareness?

In my opinion, this struggle to ascertain who we can confide in, and who is merely involving themselves in our personal lives to egotistically and thoughtlessly further their social standing, is one of the foremost causes of stress and uneasiness in social circles and community’s. All the negative connotations that surround secrets today would be so unnecessary, if only we could once again form that ability to trust and be trustworthy in return. We would be able to establish more stable relationships between communities and countries, creating a much more peaceful, serene society.

Personally I believe that secrets play an extensive role in our society. I think that the way people have come to perceive secrets in such a negative manner is in desperate need of repair. We need to come to terms with the fact that there are boundaries which we have no right crossing, and things which we have no right sharing. We need to appreciate the trust placed in us when another shares with us in confidence. However we must be cautious in what we withhold, as well as with what we share. There is never any telling fore sure how far the ripples of our decision to share or keep a secret may travel.