Illegal immigrants of US

Immigration is a subject that is studied on all levels when dealing with humanity and its idiosyncrasies. In order to understand immigration we must understand the various components involved in immigration, including internal immigration, external immigration, and immigration related to both refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. We must attempt to understand the reasons to immigrate and how laws affect the various forms of immigration and if there would be solutions to this practice of immigration.

Incidentally the aspects of immigration are directly related to the construction of unemployment and poverty there within. It can well be stated that immigration refers to the movement of an individual from his or her home country, also known as the source country to another country as his or her destination and this is often done unlawfully. The two main movements are involved include immigration and emigration. Immigration would be the movement of individuals into a country.

Emigration is the movement of individuals from their home country. (Kar, 2006) These issues of immigration and unemployment are dealt well in the article “We Have to Crack Down on Employers to Solve Illegal Immigration” by Brian Bilbray, Congressman, 50th Congressional District of California and published on 12th April 2007. The basic aspects of the article can be summarized as follows: Summary The writer indicates that a “comprehensive illegal immigration reform bill” is about to be enforced with 2007.

(Bilbray, 2007) This could legalize the 11 million immigrants who are basically illegal and then they would be termed as citizen. The writer suggests that "an employer verification system in place so employers can identify who is here legally and who is not". (Bilbray, 2007) Policies regarding employments to immigrants are not properly utilized thus all actions on behalf of federal law prove to be a meaningless act.

The writer states that the motions of penalizing employers for providing employments to illegal immigrants would not make any sense if the authority moves towards rewarding the same immigrants with citizenship. False documentation can easily fool an employer and there are 30 different verification certificates of which any one is valid enough as citizenship proof. Under such conditions such a huge number of validation documents only exhale confusion. It is agreed upon that the main aspect of immigration is employment.

Employer enforcement should be the main aspect of concern and more emphasis should be given to the issue. 2. Analysis In the article “We Have to Crack Down on Employers to Solve Illegal Immigration” by Congressman Brian Bilbray it is clear that the basic reason of illegal immigration into the US is the high amount of job opportunity and better and higher standard of living offered by the country. Thus it is obvious that the immigrants would be looking for jobs in the US and logically enough these jobs can only be provided by an employer.

So the congressman indicates that to be successful in the enforcement of law it is necessary to formulate the law in a better and more logical manner. Furthermore, the writer mentions that this law should be enforced properly and systematically without actually rewarding the illegal immigrants with citizenship while penalizing the employers for employing the same immigrants. However, Bilbray hardly ever indicates the economical factors and the related job opportunities created by the US in a clear and precise manner.

It appears that most of the economical variable and functionalities are implied rather than expressed. But in an article presented in such clarity and dealing with such important national issue should have enlisted all the potential variables relating to the issue and as economy is the most vital aspect of the issue relating to the cause of illegal immigration it should have been dealt with more specification and details. Another aspect of this article is the failure in respect of data or examples that justify the claims on the related issue.

There are no data provided in the article and there are hardly or no supports in favor of the arguments provided. The writer mentions that “Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate agree that employment opportunities are a driving force behind illegal immigration” (Bilbray, 2007) but never provides us with any related or supportive details in favor of the statement thus making the statement appear more like a opinion rather than actual fact.

In this context it could be stated that there was opportunity for this article to become a real academic element but remains as a superlative blog despite showing its potential as an exemplary text. 3. Discussion It can be stated that there are many different influences and consequences relative to immigration for anyone that moves from where they originated. Factors that would have to do with immigration include the economic growth and development of the country that people are leaving, specifically GDP, the level of domestic development, and finally income and quality of life within the countries.

Another two factors include how urbanized an area would be and variations in that consideration along with levels of education that would in fact be available for children across the country of origin in place of isolated areas. Occasionally, the amount of US influence on a country can either adversely or conversely affect the amount of immigration. (Lamb, 2004)