Illegal Immigrant in the US

Even with the current weakening of the dollar, the United States still holds the prime position when it comes to economic power. "U. S. Will Retake Economic Superpower Crown. At the end of the day, the U. S. remains the only major power still producing babies at a rate high enough to survive through the 21st century as a dynamic society. " (Larouche 1). In this aspect, many of the world’s populations are trying their bests in order to get a share of this wealth by becoming illegal immigrants.

However, the US government fails to realize that people coming from different countries entering illegally its jurisdiction provide positive results of such scenario. Illegal immigrants are actually doing well for the American economy. There are some factors why immigrants would want to pursue an entry to the United States without going through the legal process. Since almost all of these people are coming from developing or third world countries, individuals do not really have much resource in order to file for a very good document standing in entering the United States.

Money and other local considerations are needed to confirm first which their respective countries may not be able to sustain. Add to that the restriction policies of each US embassy offices in granting them Visa in order to go to the United States Even though those illegal immigrants, in all its aspect can be perceived to be bad, it is actually not. The United State government should not be too harsh in implementing the rules and regulations penalizing these immigrants who enter the country.

The nation actually benefits from these acts and it should not dismiss the fact that its becoming a superpower is somehow attributed to the illegal immigrants. There are several reasons for this. First, illegal immigrants contribute well in the total labor demands of different corporations in the US. Because they are unsecured in terms of legal standing, illegal immigrants will accept an employment offer without considering their disadvantage in salary grade. They accept low forms of work just to stay in the country and have a source of income.

On the other hand, employers can save huge amounts of money since they can get the same amount of work service at a very minimal cost. Another factor why the US should dismiss acts deporting illegal immigrants is because it can actually help other world economies to sustain some forms of economic growth. “About 75% of undocumented immigrants arrive across the US southern border with Mexico, and hail from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and other Central and South American countries. ”(White 1).

In this case, people who are unemployed in their home countries will be able to get employment by entering the US. It is actually a good thing since they can send Dollar remittances back home which can increase their economies’ strength. One practical reason why the US should no longer impose strict deportation rule is the cost of such activity. According to Mike Nizza of New York Times with regards to his report, a staggering amount of money has been wasted for deportation procedures when he asked an Immigration chief.

“Could you give us some idea of what the cost of trying to locate, detain and deport all of the 12 million people who are here illegally would be? ” Lo and behold, an answer shot back with ease: “Our agency has estimated that it would cost at least $94 billion. ” This is mainly due to the need to come up with the best possible logistic processes and other expenses when coordinating with the countries of people who will be deported. Such a case, it is very impractical to still pursue to send out these immigrants from America.

Looking up to America as a world super power does not come to be a simple perception. This respect is actually because of its capability to secure itself a wealthy economy while at the same time give opportunities for non-Americans to improve their lives. As in the case of illegal immigrants, the relationship is actually mutual. America increases its strength; immigrants get to sustain their needs. Overall, The United States should consider illegal immigrants to be its national treasures.

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